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Android leading new platform publishers, developers plan to support: Millennial

Applications for Google?s Android smartphones represented 54 percent of the application platform mix on Millennial Media?s mobile ad network in November, averaging 10 percent growth month-over-month for the past four consecutive months.

Android was named the leading new platform publishers and developers plan to support, while Windows Phone 7 tied for second place with Apple iPad as the new app platforms that publishers and developers plan to add to their suite of applications in 2011. Millennial predicts continued growth on these new application platforms in 2011 with the release of new devices and features.

?To highlight the monetization opportunity available for publishers and developers around the holidays, we focused on some key mobile developer trends from November,? said Erin ?Mack? McKelvey, Millennial Media, Baltimore.

?Android drove more than half of the revenue from applications in November, and?based on a survey we ran for the State of the Apps Industry Snapshot report we released last month?ranked No. 1 on the list of new application platforms developers plan to support in 2011,? she said.

Handset manufacturers
Apple, the leading device manufacturer on Millennial Media?s mobile ad network for the last fourteen months, represented 25 percent of the Top 15 manufacturers impression share in November.

Samsung held the No. 2 position in the Top 15 manufacturers in November.

This can be attributed to Samsung having the highest number of devices in the Top 30 mobile device rankings in November, including the debut of the Samsung Acclaim.

Motorola maintained the number three position in the Top 15 manufacturers for the second-consecutive month and held a 15 percent impression share.

The two newest Android-based Motorola devices, the Droid 2 and the Droid X, both moved up the top 30 mobile device list in November, with the Droid 2 up seven spots from last month.

Research In Motion devices represented five of the top 30 mobile devices on Millennial?s ad network, with a combined impression share of 11 percent in November.

Three connected devices, which are defined as non-phone Wi-Fi-enabled devices, placed in the Top 30 mobile devices for the second-consecutive month.

The Apple iPod touch moved up one position to take the over the No. 2 position this month.

Smartphones accounted for 19 of the top 30 mobile devices in November.

Smartphones accounted for 58 percent of the smartphone, feature phone and connected device impression share in November.

Feature phones and connected devices experienced a 1 percent and 2 percent increase in impression share month-over-month, respectively.

Together, they represented 42 percent of impressions in November, demonstrating the diversity of mobile devices on Millennial?s network.

Apple?s iOS and Google?s Android share the top spot on Millennial?s smartphone OS mix,
each with 38 percent of the impressions, followed by RIM with a 19 percent impression share.

Touch and QWERTY keyboard devices grew 2 percent month-over-month with approximately 29 percent share of impressions in the November device input mix.

Wi-Fi experienced a 2 percent increase month-over-month to 21 percent, demonstrating the growth of impressions being driven by connected devices on Millennial?s network.

?As the number of tablets and Wi-Fi-enabled gaming devices in the market continue to grow, this will remain an interesting space to watch in 2011,? Ms. McKelvey said.

Fun and games
The popularity of gaming applications on Millennial?s network continued as it remained the leading application category on the network and accounted for 28 percent of the application impressions in November.

Music & Entertainment apps moved up to the No. 2 position in November with 22 percent of the impression share.

Within this category, television and movie application impressions have more than doubled month-over-month, but music apps still lead the category with more than 70 percent of the impression share.

Automotive applications entered the top mobile application categories for the first time last month.

Automotive application impressions more than tripled month-over-month, reflecting the increased use of mobile as consumers researched new auto purchases and end-of-year promotions.

?We also saw gaming applications on our network drive the most impressions, followed closely by music and entertainment applications, but were pleased to see automotive applications enter the top ten list for the first time,? Ms. McKelvey said.

?We have continued to see high engagement rates in the auto category, as consumers use mobile to research new auto purchases,? she said.

Final Take
Millennial Media's Carrie Siefer