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Pepsi claims 123,000 opt-ins in 10 weeks for multicultural mobile campaign

NEW YORK - Pepsi saw great success with its Familia de Campeones campaign, which led up to Super Bowl XLV and claimed 123,000 opt-ins in ten weeks.

During the ?Reaching all Audiences: PepsiCo Details Successes with Multicultural Mobile Marketing Programs? session, a one50one executive shared campaign details and what led to its success. One50one worked closely with Pepsi on the initiative.

?It was a mobile campaign that launched in December and lasted eight weeks,? said Troy Brown, president of one50one, New York. ?The target was Hispanic families and it was the first ever in-language mobile marketing campaign."

Pepsi success
Pepsi tapped one50one to create a mobile Web site and a microsite app.

The company also rolled out an SMS experience and the option to let consumers scan a QR code to participate in the campaign.

?It was not just a QR code, but it was also a call to action,? Mr. Brown said. ?The Hispanic consumer had the opportunity to choose English or Spanish.

?Additionally, the URL and mobile call-to-actions were publicized on all point-of-sale materials nationwide,? he said.

As days led up to the Superbowl, consumers were encouraged to visit the campaign?s mobile site by entering on their mobile browser.

Via the mobile site, consumers were able to celebrate the Super Bowl XLV with a free customized poster, courtesy of Pepsi.

The poster was part of the official Pepsi Familia de Campeones Super Bowl XLV Collector?s Edition.

To receive a poster, consumers were asked to upload a family photo, edit it and place it into one of 16 NFL team templates or the official Superbowl XLV template.

In addition, consumers were able to preview it and send it off to fulfillment ? they then got the poster within 4-6 weeks.

?A lot of what we talk about her today is all tactic,? Mr. Brown said. ?It?s the insights and strategy that allow us to win.

?Insightful strategy drives measurement,? he said.

Multicultural mobile consumers
According to Mr. Brown, aspiration drives the multicultural market.

?They are strivers and spenders,? Mr. Brown said. ?Mobile Internet lets multicultural consumers access mobile.?

The executive said that SMS is a requirement, as it is still the number one form of communication in the world.

It is also important for companies to build a dialogue with customers.

?They?re interested in dialogue,? Mr. Brown said.

Additionally, the executive said that it is all about digital, social and mobile ? DSM.

?Build a DSM infrastructure for sustainable engagement and dialogue with the urban and multicultural consumer,? Mr. Brown said. ?Leverage existing brand activation and investment to build localized communities.

?Mobile is not an extension,? he said. ?It should have a seat at the table.

?DSM is our recently trademarked integrated approach and strategy allowing for push and pull of consumers to on- and off branded destination ? again it all goes back to the insights and strategy.?

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