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H&M increases in-store traffic via targeted mobile ads

Retailer H&M is targeting on-the-go consumers and increasing in-store traffic via mobile and audio ads that highlight its current summer sale, as well as let customers browse inventory and find the nearest locations.

The company is running mobile ads within Pandora?s mobile application. Additionally, the ads are an effective way to get consumers in-store by offering an incentive ? such as items on sale.

?It?s a great way to drive as much foot traffic as you can,? said Neil Strother, Kirkland, WA-based practice director at ABI.

?If there are ways to do that in mobile devices ? a way to get that audience in-store then it makes a lot of sense.?

Mr. Strother is not affiliated with H&M. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

H&M did not respond by press time.

Click me
The mobile banner ad running in Pandora reads ?Sale, Sale. Find your nearest store.?

After consumers click on the banner ad they are redirected to a mobile landing page.

There, consumers have the option of downloading H&M?s iPhone app to stay updated on the latest news, as well as browse products that are featured in-store.

Additionally, after consumers download the app, they can shake their phone to reveal an exclusive offer.

In addition to downloading the H&M app, the mobile landing page also lets consumers sign up for the company?s newsletter to receive 20 percent off their next purchase.

Customers can also find a store near them to check out items in person and browse items by category such as summer, swimwear, women?s and men?s.

The mobile ad also lets consumers read fashion news and watch H&M fashion videos.

After browsing, consumers can also share their favorite products with family and friends via social features such as Facebook, Twitter and Lookbook.

Consumers can find the nearest store

Consumers can browse the ad's different features

?I think it?s important to do all those interactive things,? Mr. Strother said. ?It makes sense.

?That?s really important with fashion and helps drive that word of mouth,? he said. ?Anything video or interactive is a bonus for the end user.?

All about measurement
Mr. Strother said that it is also important to measure any type of mobile ads that companies are doing.

?It can be very effective,? Mr. Strother said. ?And also you know that your effort wasn?t just fun, but it also pushed people in-store.

?It drives more sales and that?s the ultimate goal,? he said.