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JetBlue sees 39K interactions with mobile ad unit

JetBlue saw more than 39,000 interactions with its rich-media mobile ad unit, which highlighted the company?s ?Celebrity Baggage? campaign.

The campaign drove brand awareness and direct consumer participation in JetBlue?s Celebrity Baggage auction series. The company worked with Millennial Media on the execution.

?The campaign used our ?Mobile Circular? ad unit, which allows advertisers to display multiple items inside a single creative,? said Marcus Startzel, senior vice president of sales at Millennial Media, Baltimore, MD.

?An advertiser can insert a variety of different objects, items, offers and consumers can swipe back and forth to rotate through the various items and see the available options,? he said. ?A retailer could use this to replicate a traditional free standing circular you may see in a Sunday newspaper, but JetBlue was able to tweak this to highlight their different auction items.

?JetBlue also used a virtual conveyer belt as the environment for the unit, which helped make the ad applicable for their vertical.?

Ad campaign
The JetBlue campaign featured rich media creative units that let consumers manually control a JetBlue conveyer belt to view available auction items from celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Chelsea Handler.

Once consumers clicked on a particular luggage bag, the ad unit would automatically take them to eBay?s mobile site to bid on the item.

The winning bidder received the signed item from the celebrity, with all proceeds going to the charity

?Mobile banner ads are a chance to catch the consumer?s attention and implement a strong call to action,? Mr. Startzel said. ?As mobile campaigns continue to grow in complexity, it?s definitely important to remember how effective a banner ad can be.

?Another key thing to remember about banner ads ? and mobile in general ? is that they can drive engagement, while often having the full attention of the user,? he said.

?There is no DVR, they can?t be ignored like a billboard while driving, and as such, they can deliver results from foot traffic to engagement to direct sales.?

Target demographic
The campaign targeted adults over 18 in the Los Angeles area.

JetBlue also worked with Millennial Media to reach mobile and social consumers, who would be likely to share information about the auction  with their social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. .

Additionally, there were 53 successful auctions that raised more than $44,000 for charity.

?In the big picture ? we see mobile advertising continuing to grow,? Mr. Startzel said. ?In terms of the number of campaigns, average deal size, number of developers using the ad supported model to monetize their apps.

?The entire ecosystem is growing,? he said. ?Mobile is becoming a preferred channel for advertisers to reach local consumers.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York