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Dentyne taps Microsoft Tags to advocate fresh breath

Chewing gum brand Dentyne is spreading the word about fresh breath via Microsoft Tags that are placed on its packaging.

The bar codes are part of Dentyne's long-running ?Practice Safe Breath? campaign that is targeted at younger consumers. In addition to the Microsoft Tags, the campaign is being promoted through broadcast commercials.

?In 2011, we evolved the ?Practice Safe Breath? campaign by introducing the Safe Breath Alliance, the first completely made-up organization committed to helping Americans practice safe breath," said Shawn Pulscher, senior associate brand manager at Dentyne, New York.

"We created the alliance to connect with consumers on a more personal level, and we added the mobile element to add some value to the pack itself," he said. 

Chew on
Unique Microsoft Tag codes that read, ?Practice Safe Breath" are placed on all single packs of Dentyne gum products, which includes Dentyne Fire, Dentyne Ice and Dentyne Pure.

Once users scan the Microsoft Tags, they are taken to a landing page where they can learn more about the campaign.

Additionally, users can watch a video with celebrity Marlon Wayans that promotes Dentyne and the campaign.

In the video, Mr. Wayans advocates chewing a fresh piece of gum for every date.

Here is the Dentyne video consumers can watch

Consumers can also connect to the brand?s social media outlets via Facebook, which is a huge push of the campaign.

The campaign specifically targets young, single men.

?Custom tags allow brands to creatively implement a 2D bar code that doesn?t distract from their overall image and can reflect the unique message and tone of a marketing or advertising campaign,? said Bill McQuain, director of business development at Microsoft Tag, Redmond, WA.

Product placement
Dentyne is not the only brand using mobile bar codes on products as part of a larger initiative.

Similarly, Wrigley?s recently rolled out a mobile bar code initiative targeted at back-to-school shoppers (see story).

Dentyne has also dabbled in mobile by sponsoring Brightkite?s social loyalty program (see story).

By placing mobile bar codes on packaging, brands are able to leverage their content with larger company initiatives, while also driving sales.

"Since our target consumers are active on social media and mobile platforms, we focused on creating programs and content that lived where these consumers spent a great deal of their time," Dentyne's Mr. Pulscher said.

"We?re always looking for great ways to connect with consumers, and mobile devices allow us to do that on a very personal level," he said.

"Considering mobile device usage is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, we believe mobile marketing will become even more important than it is today."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York