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Tennent?s Lager launches location-based campaign to highlight Scotland?s culture

Alcohol brand Tennent?s Lager is running a location-based mobile advertising campaign to emphasize the defining characteristics of Scotland?s cities.

The company has created six pint glass designs to celebrate the culture of each of Scotland?s cities, including Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburg. Each glass design is advertised in specific regions on the STV.News mobile app which uses JiWire?s location-based compass advertising service and identifies the nearest venues where the Tennent?s glass promotion is available.

?Big brands, like Tennant?s Lager, without storefronts are looking for ways to optimize advertising around location,? said Steve Ricketts, European managing director of JiWire.

?Advertisers have known since the invention of the billboard that locally-relevant ads perform better, especially in this increasingly mobile world,? he said. ?Through JiWire's compass, all brands have the opportunity to engage with mobile consumers with locally relevant content to ultimately drive more sales weather they have a storefront or not.

?Tennant?s is very proud of its Scottish roots and wanted to create something that locals would be proud of too.?

Tennent?s Lager has been brewed since 1885 at the historic Wellpark Brewery in the east end of Glasgow, which was built by H&R Tennent in 1740 and today is the oldest running commercial concern in Glasgow.

STV is Scotland?s digital media company and pre-eminent media brand.

JiWire?s platform enables advertisers to identify and deliver ads to audience segments based on a person?s physical location.

Cultured location
The Tennent?s mobile banner ads read ?You?ve got your city down to a T.? 

When consumers tap on the mobile ads they are redirected to a map that features ?T? logos showing nearby pubs, bars and restaurants and a video of the brand?s TV advert.

The mobile initiative by Tennant?s is part of a wider marketing campaign kick-started by well-known city dwellers who give their thoughts on what makes their home city so special.

?After Tennant?s received feedback from locals, the company designed a limited series of lager glasses that represented each city,? Mr. Ricketts said.

The Tennent's Lager glasses have a limited release, with 20,000 available in pubs and bars and online at Tennent's Facebook page.

?Tennent's shares its Scottish roots and identity with its drinkers and we wanted to do something that would celebrate the great pride we all share in being from here,? said Jane Cannon, marketing manager at Tennent?s Lager. 

?By involving people, across the country, to create this new range of glasses it has painted a picture of each city that reflects how we see ourselves; all the unique quirks that make the six cities different and their people great,? she said.

?We're sure the glasses will spark good conversations in pubs throughout the country. Location based targeting was key to this campaign and JiWire's technology enabled us to target people on the go to drive footfall into venue.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is staff reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York