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Unilever's Degree leverages video to build brand awareness through iAd campaign

Unilever?s Degree is running an iAd campaign to boost brand awareness on a few different levels.

Degree is using mobile ads as part of the bigger "Unapologetically Strong" campaign with sports broadcaster Erin Andrews. The iAd campaign is running within Apple?s network.

?All brands need to be in front of their customers all the time whenever they are," said Cezar Kolodziej, CEO/president of Iris Mobile, Chicago.

"Mobile is another channel that should be integrated in every multichannel campaign," he said.

"Using iAd network is one of the many mobile channels that can be included. It serves a very good purpose of brand awareness that eventually will convert into an increase in sales.?

Mr. Kolodziej is not affiliated with Degree. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Degree did not respond to press inquiries.

Product discoverability
The mobile banner ads include animation that scroll to read ?Degree presents pushing the boundaries with Erin Andrews.?

When tapped on, a landing page with three tabs comes up for consumers.

Users can watch videos from the campaign that feature Ms. Andrews showing consumers how Degree products keep her protected all day long.

Additionally, consumers can learn more about four Degree products by swiping through a photo gallery.

Consumers can pick from three wallpapers from the campaign to download and save to their mobile device.

The mobile ads are a great way for Degree to mix the medium into other marketing channels. Consumers are constantly on their mobile devices and are increasingly expecting to interact with ads and brands in conjunction with content.

In this case, Degree is able to repackage some of its existing content from the campaign, such as video, into snackable formats for mobile.

Pack on mobile
Although consumer-packaged-goods companies have been slower to embrace mobile, more brands are gradually building their mobile repertoire recently.

The main purpose of Degree?s campaign is to bolster brand awareness, but the effort could be even more effective if a commerce element was added to let consumers shop directly from the ads.

Consumers are increasingly using mobile to shop more for both small and large-ticket items.

Unilever has different mobile initiatives for each of its brands that target specific groups of consumers.

For example, the company recently launched a mobile game for its Axe brand that lets consumers earn rewards by customizing content with their own music (see story).

Additionally, Dove ramped up its mobile commerce strategy earlier this year by incorporating mobile into its static print ads to let users shop from the pages (see story).

"Mobile advertising is the most intimate advertising channel as of now," Mr. Kolodziej said.

"Consumers keep mobile phones within their arm reach all day seven days a week. This is something that no other advertising channel can offer," he said.

"The challenge is to engage the customer initially through the advertisement and then convert them into engaged loyal customers."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York