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Puffs targets cold-weather areas with seasonal mobile advertising campaign

Procter & Gamble?s Puffs is centering a winter-themed mobile initiative around location to educate consumers about how to fight winter colds.

Puffs is linking its cold-weather campaign around a user?s location inside The Weather Channel iPhone application. Running a targeted campaign around weather is a great way for Puffs to add a contextual element to its advertising.

"The location-based targeting within allowed us to not only drive awareness of Puffs, but to do it in a meaningful, relevant way," said Laura Dressman, communications manager for Puffs, Cincinnati.

"We were able to personalize the message by connecting to a key time when consumers use Puffs to meet their needs," she said.

Targeted ads
Puff?s is running banner ads that are aimed at consumers in cold-weather areas.

The banner ads scroll with customized copy that varies by location. For example, one set of copy reads, ?It?s 37 degrees in Brooklyn.?

The creative for the ad then prompts consumers to use Puffs plus lotion facial tissues to help battle cold-weather sneezes.

The ad then encourages consumers to shop Puffs products by tapping on the ad.

When consumers click on the banner, they are directed to a landing page that pulls in the mobile site.

From there, consumers can browse the mobile site to look for products and current promotions.

Additionally, consumers can read product reviews on the site.

A search bar in the upper right-hand corner lets consumers search for specific products and items.

Consumers are encouraged to shop four different types of facial tissues from the mobile site ? Puffs Plus, Puffs Plus with Lotion, Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong and Puffs Plus with the Scent of Vicks.

Consumers can buy Puffs products from online retailers including Amazon, Target and Walmart. Alternatively, users can find a nearby store by plugging in their ZIP code.

Each retail listing also includes a click-to-call feature that users can click on to contact the store directly.

Puff's mobile site

Mobile weather
Weather consistently is a top app category for consumers.

Therefore, running a targeted advertising campaign that taps into a user?s location is a great way for Puffs to spread a seasonal message.

As mobile advertising continues to evolve, smart brands need to be thinking contextually about their campaigns.

Procter & Gamble has made mobile a staple for many of its brands.

Earlier this year, P&G?s Bounty and Puffs brands teamed up with to help parents stay up-to-date on teacher needs during back-to-school season (see story).

"Mobile provides unique opportunities to make personal connections with our consumers," Ms. Dressman said.

"Now we truly can reach people when and where they are most receptive," she said. "Location-based targeting is the distinction that makes mobile communications unique versus other digital channels."

"As a result of the great results we?re seeing since our mobile site launch in August, we?ll continue to leverage mobile as a tool for building one-to-one relationships with people and delivering highly personalized communication, products and services based on rich mobile data. It enables us to drive reach and bring to life all the ways in which Puffs helps people put their best face forward in contextually relevant ways."

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York