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Starbucks converts consumers to new coffee blend via mobile

Starbucks is enticing consumers to try its Blonde Roast coffee via a new marketing effort that centers around mobile and social.

The company is running the mobile campaign within Pandora?s iPhone application. Starbucks has used mobile advertising and social media heavily throughout the past few years as a way to reach consumers no matter where they are.

"Starbucks has always been a leader and star in the mobile advertising market- Starbucks is a pioneer in mobile advertising in 2012 and over the past few years," said Isabella Lin, content director at Appitalism. 

"The new Starbucks campaign about its Blonde Roast blend is different from any other campaign," she said. "It's literally and actually does drive consumers into Starbucks stores. 

"Starbucks' new campaign successfully uses the mobile platform to generate store sales."

Ms. Lin is not affiliated with Starbucks. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Starbucks did not respond to press inquiries. 

Mobile blend
The Starbucks mobile ad reads ?Blonde Roast. Converts Wanted.?

When consumers tap on the mobile ad, they are redirected to the company?s mobile-optimized site where they can learn more about the Blonde Roast blend.

At the landing page, users are met with a message that reads ?Make someone smile. Send them a light note. Due to popular demand all of our free cups of easy-drinking Starbucks Blonde Roast have been claimed, but you can still share a ?Light Note? with a friend to brighten his or her day. Get started.?

From there, Starbucks aims to build a social relationship with consumers by re-routing them to its Facebook page.

By doing so, the coffee giant is building a presence on a variety of channels.

Starbucks is also advertising on Twitter to further get consumers amped up about its Blonde Roast.

Past efforts
Starbucks has been making mobile a critical part of its overall strategy.

The company has been using different channels such as augmented reality, mobile advertising, SMS and QR codes to promote its products.

Last year, Starbucks used SMS to encourage consumers to sign up for its My Starbucks Rewards program via an in-store calls to action (see story).

The company also used mobile and social media to increase in-store traffic and drive awareness through a partnership with foursquare (see story).

Most recently, Starbucks continued to make a name for itself in the mobile space with an initiative within People?s mobile site (see story).

"With this Starbucks campaign, users may click 'shopping online,' providing consumers with an extremely convenient option," Ms. Lin said. "Starbucks' new campaign not only provides convenience for consumers but at the same time this it is well designed.

"The giant font occupies the entire screen as well as those cute images by the side," she said. "Those cute images skillfully and naturally integrate with the giant advertising words 'make someone smile, send them a light note.'"

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York