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Adidas pushes miCoach Speed_Cell product through iAd

Adidas is letting consumers achieve their 2013 fitness goals with an interactive iAd campaign that promotes its miCoach Speed_Cell product.

The miCoach product lets users turn their iPod or iPhone device into a data-crunching performance. The product plugs into a user?s device and captures all measurements of their performance so they can see where you are at and break past records.

?With careful planning and implementation, mobile advertising can be a great media for marketers,? said Tom Nawara, vice president of emerging solutions and innovation at Acquity Group. ?Apple?s iAds are one example among many that marketers can choose from to reach on-the-go consumers. 

?Marketers must be careful to avoid ?shiny object syndrome? (picking the latest, most buzz-worthy technology, regardless of applicability to their audiences) and even the ?shotgun approach? (using as many tactics as possible, without understanding whether those tactics apply to the audiences),? he said. 

?Consumers will lose trust in a brand quickly if that brand abuses the mobile relationship, so marketers must think of mobile advertising as part of an integrated program, and not just one-off tactics without grounding.?

Mr. Nawara is not affiliated with adidas. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Adidas did not respond to press inquiries. 

Sprinting forward
The adidas iAd banner ad reads ?From the track to the fields. Whatever your goal in 2013. Achieve it with miCoach Speed_Cell.?

When consumers tap on the ad, it expands to feature runners, the miCoach product and a video that showcases how it works.  

From there, consumers can buy the product through Apple and check out additional information.

The miCoach Speed_Cell product captures time, distance, speed, speed zones, and number of sprints to help consumers keep track of their runs.

The iAd campaign is a great way for adidas to bolster brand awareness and get consumers to learn more about its new product.

Past efforts
Adidas has been making a name for itself in the mobile space for a while now.

In 2010, the company promoted its Super 64 tournament through an iPad and iPhone application that featured information on the participating teams (see story).

In 2011, adidas ran a video-centric ad campaign across online, mobile and tablet devices (see story).

Most recently, adidas said that mobile is rapidly becoming a necessity for the company, especially after it saw major success with its Euro 2012 Live Wallpaper application (see story).

?Marketers are getting smarter in the use of mobile marketing as a key piece of an omnichannel mix,? Mr. Nawara said. 

?We're seeing a growing number of our clients evolving from basic mobile offerings to a well-rounded, holistic approach,? he said. ?More brands are pursuing omnichannel programs to ensure brand messaging and customer engagement is consistent and relevant across channels and touch points. 

?We expect this trend to continue throughout 2013.? 

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York