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Hyundai leverages mobile, social to engage Super Bowl XLVII viewers

Hyundai created a social experience specifically designed for mobile to support its Super Bowl marketing strategy for the new Santa Fe viia a second-screen engagement.

The Find Your 7 social experience enables users to create a team from their Facebook friends, with each assigned a character archetype such as the bully or the brains. The goal is to harness Facebook to provide a second-screen experience enabling users to create their own dream team and have fun with friends across social media sites during the Super Bowl game.

?People use their mobile phone and tablet to stay connected across social media sites every day,? said Steve Shannon, vice president of marketing at Hyundai Motor America.

?And with the amount of social activity anticipated during the Big Game it was important for us to develop a platform and social experience that was designed with mobile in mind first," he said.

?In fact, data from last year?s Super Bowl shows that more than 15 million tweets took place during the game which was up from 3 million the previous year."

Hyundai worked with Innocean and Facebook to develop the effort.

Digital companion
The mobile social experience extends the theme of Hyundai?s 30-second Super bowl commercial in which a boy recruits a team of friends to take on some troublemakers with the new seven-passenger Santa Fe playing a key role in helping gather the team.

The mobile social experience serves as a digital companion to the Team TV spot, which highlights the seven seats in the new Santa Fe.

Consumers can go to and login with their Facebook profile to the Find Your 7 program.

Once signed in, users are able to assemble their Super Bowl dream team online.

A user?s team members are not selected at random. Instead the program determines candidates that are a fit for each archetype based on intelligence gathered from a user's connections on Facebook, including frequency of friend interactions and likes.

Once the team has been chosen, the vehicle is pre-populated for the user, with teammates assigned to a seat based on their character archetype: the muscle, the brains, the prankster, the motivational speaker, the technician and the loose cannon.

Custom video experience
After users lock in their friend configuration and create a team name, a custom video introduces their dream team. The video, which is designed to have the look and feel of an action movie trailer, dynamically incorporates elements such as the friends' names, profile pictures, hometowns and interests to create a custom experience for each person that can be shared on social channels.

By participating in the program, users will be entered into a drawing to win seven tickets to the 2014 Super Bowl.

The mobile social experience builds from the understanding that Super Bowl viewers are no longer tethered to their TV during the game and are sharing and staying connected with friends via mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

?We recognize that people are doing more than just watching the game,? Mr. Shannon said. "They are sharing videos and pictures, posting comments, having discussions and simply staying connected with friends and family through various digital devices.

?We wanted to be a part of those moments and conversations and provide viewers with another way to have fun while engaging with our brand and commercial,? he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York