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Tanqueray concocts social media engagement via mobile

Gin brand Tanqueray is mixing mobile into a broader marketing campaign to increase product awareness at key times of the day.

The brand is running audio and banner ads inside the Pandora iPhone application as part of a bigger multichannel marketing campaign. Additionally, Tanqueray has a branded Pandora radio station.

?With an ad focused on a brand like Tanqueray, having a different branded consumer experience when users may be in a setting to click-through while listening to Pandora, or relaxing could potentially drive a larger wave of social engagement,? said Marci Troutman, SEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta.

?Any company could potentially benefit from day-parting depending on several variables, such as, ?What type of product is it? Where are consumers most likely to go to purchase the product, and critically what is the offer being delivered to drive a purchase decision??? she said.

Ms. Troutman is not associated with Tanqueray. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Tanqueray did not respond to press enquiries.

Late night drinks
The slogan for the campaign is, ?Tonight we Tanqueray.? According to the brand, the goal behind the slogan is to position Tanqueray as a drink to set the tone of an evening.

Audio ads between songs encourage consumers to get their night started right by tapping on a full-page ad.

The audio ads are day-parted to run at night, when consumers are more likely to be drinking Tanqueray.

From there, users are directed to Tanqueray?s branded radio station where consumers can listen to music that matches the brand?s demographic of younger consumers.

Banner ads inside the radio station encourage consumers to join Tanqueray on Facebook.

When the ad is clicked on, a landing page that pulls in Tanqueray?s Facebook page is brought up.

Consumers can ?Like? the brand and learn more about Tanqueray products from the page.

Tanqueray also posts recipes to its Facebook pages, which is a great incentive for consumers to interact with the brand because it shows how to use the brand?s products.

Tanqueray's Facebook page

Multichannel engagement
The mobile banner ads are only part of Tanqueray?s bigger campaign that encourages consumers to interact with the brand.

Out-of-home ads and celebrity endorsements from music, film and fashion personalities are also part of the campaign. Actors Michael Pitt and Idris Elba and singers Aloe and Karen Elson were picked by Tanqueray to represent the brand.

Nowadays, users expect to interact with their favorite brands while on the go, making mobile a key channel for marketers to engage with consumers on.

As long as the call-to-action is clear and upfront about what consumers can expect from ?Liking? a brand on Facebook, marrying mobile and social is a great way to tie the two channels together.

?Overall [the Tanqueray ad] was very specific with a clear call-to-action, but I am not sure the offer was compelling enough to drive the traffic the brand might anticipate,? Ms. Troutman said.

?Hopefully they are using an A/B testing scenario to gauge which campaign type drives the most Facebook ?Likes,?? she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York