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Crystal Light aims to bolster product sales with mobile, social effort

Kraft?s Crystal Light is encouraging consumers to try its array of products through a new mobile advertising campaign.

The company is running the campaign within Us Magazine?s mobile site. The initiative also marries mobile and social to further drive consumer engagement.

?Crystal Light has developed a good reason for consumers to connect: sharable content that celebrates the multiple facets of your life,? said Dave Levy, executive vice president/cofounder of SocialVibe, Los Angeles.

?But Crystal Light is missing some of the key components that are crucial to success,? he said. ?It also appears that Crystal Light may have been hamstrung with creative limitations and the form factor of mobile, which restricted them from being able to communicate why someone should connect beyond just being a fan of Crystal Light.

Mr. Levy is not affiliated with Crystal Light. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Crystal Light did not respond to press inquiries.

Mobile awareness
The Crystal Light mobile ad reads ?For Every Shade of You. Find Your Flavor.?

The ad also features the company?s products.

When users tap on the ad, they are redirected to the company?s Facebook page where they can ?Like? the brand, see what others have to say about it and browse photos.

The campaign not only aims to drive consumers to the nearest store to try out the products, but also helps build an ongoing social relationship between Crystal Light and consumers.

?Brand building in social is about developing a persona for the brand to humanize it so that people can connect,? Mr. Levy said. ?Getting consumers to connect with your brand through media has parallels to approaching a new friendship.

?Timing and user choice is everything,? he said. ?While the first step is getting their attention, there is a right and a wrong approach.

?You can't just go up to someone in a coffee shop while they are in the middle of something and start blurting things out.?

Social features
By incorporating social media into the mix, Crystal Light takes its campaign to another level.

Nowadays, anything mobile is inherently social.

Additionally, mobile is an ideal medium to educate consumers about new products.

?Once consumers understand why they should connect, make it as easy as possible,? Mr. Levy said.

?Drive consumers to a landing page that has a clear call-to-action and messaging that reinforces the value you just messaged,? he said. ?Lastly, always follow through with that brand and messaging promise.?

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York