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Dynamic Logic tackles mobile ad effectiveness with new measuring tool

Millward Brown's Dynamic Logic has rolled out a new mobile measurement tool with the goal of leveling the playing field between online and mobile advertising effectiveness for marketers.

As mobile advertising continues to evolve, marketers are increasingly looking to gleam the same insights that they have from their online campaigns to smaller-sized screens. Dynamic Logic has launched a new proprietary tagging technology to its AdIndex for Mobile solution to help with this.

?The real new story about this announcement is that up until now, the industry has been unable to truly identify the advertising opportunities on the mobile platform because of technology limitations within the mobile space,? said Sara Beaty, director of marketing and communications at Millward Brown, New York.

?This new tech allows us to apply the same gold standard of methodological rigor to mobile advertising that has already been adopted for online,? she said.

Dynamic Logic is Millward Brown?s digital practice and specializes in tracking digital ad impact for marketers, agencies and publishers.

Track on mobile
The new patent-pending technology aims to help marketers measure softer advertising metrics ? such as brand awareness, favorability and purchase intent.

The goal behind the new tools is to give digital marketers the same deep insight that they already have on their Web campaigns for mobile.

Marketers can now measure the branding impact of both mobile Web and in-application advertising.

The technology takes a tracking code that is used in the online space and repurposes it in a way that works for mobile, per Ms. Beaty.

Team Detroit and Ogilvy are some of the agencies that have partnered with Dynamic Logic on mobile ad effectiveness tools.

On the privacy side, Dynamic Logic?s technology is backed by Truste.

Dynamic Logic has been measuring mobile advertising effectiveness since 2007 and claims to have conducted more than 350 studies via AdIndex for Mobile.

Mobile frequency
Dynamic Logic?s new tool puts a stronger emphasis on mobile ad frequency, which has traditionally been tricky for marketers to track but is a strong indicator of a campaign?s impact on consumers.

In fact, Dynamic Logic recently worked with SessionM on a campaign for a leading financial services brand. The results point to brand awareness as being strongly linked to mobile video creative.

Additionally, the campaign?s results found that the highest mobile ad impact hit consumers after four or more exposures.

?What we are trying to do is advance measurement in the mobile space, which has evolved quite a bit over the years,? Ms. Beaty said.

?Our end goal is for the industry to adopt this type of measurement as a whole so that mobile measurement matches the gold standard practices that are used online,? she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York