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Ocean Spray mobile ads drive strong engagement with health-minded consumers

A recent rich media mobile advertising campaign from Ocean Spray drove awareness for the brand?s diet juice drink line with an ad unit expansion rate of 15.65 percent.

The full-screen interstitial ad unit enabled users to wipe away a screen filled with juice to reveal the Ocean Spray juice ad underneath. The copy encouraged users to click to access content including tips for healthy living and recipes as well as videos and information about Ocean Spray's diet products.

?By reaching these core consumers on-the-go, we positively strengthened their relationship with our brand and reached them at times when they were more likely to purchase the product,? said Christina Lynch, senior marketing manager at Ocean Spray, Middleborough, MA.

The right audience
Ocean Spray worked with agencies Zenith and Arnold Worldwide as well as mobile ad network Jumptap on the effort.

The ad unit bubbled up on the page users were viewing, covering content with Ocean Spray juice. Users could then wipe the juice away from the screen with their finger to reveal the ad underneath.

The campaign targeted fitness and health-minded consumers ages 26-55.

Leveraging Jumptap?s Audience+ Consumer-Level Targeting and transactional data from Datalogix, the ads were delivered to users who had previously purchased diet carbonated drinks and food when they visited women?s magazine publisher sites and Jumptap?s cooking channel.

?A lot of mobile providers now are using third-party data, but a lot of people aren?t doing it at the consumer level, which is what I think really helped in this case,? said Matt Duffy, vice president of marketing at Jumptap, Boston.

?Because we reached people who had bought diet drinks before and are healthy food buyers, not just targeting a ZIP code where there is a high propensity for those people to exist, that in combination with the nice art for the ad was the one-two punch that made this successful,? he said.

Art and science
The ad campaign had over 40 million impressions, with users spending an average of 12.7 seconds within the ad.

Ocean Spray is among a growing list of beverage marketers who are leveraging mobile to reach a target audience.

For example, Pepsi this year centered its summer marketing around mobile video and a sweepstakes that gives Beyonce fans an incentive for mimicking the singer?s famous dance moves (see story).

Additionally, Coca-Cola created two mobile-optimized micro sites for its Open for Summer campaign aimed at getting families active this summer (see story).

?This campaign is a perfect combination of using art and science together well,? Mr. Duffy said. ?They used rich media creative, a swipe interstitial ad unit in combination with our audience consumer level targeting.

?That targeting and creative really lined up well and really ended up driving a lot of engagement with the consumers that they were targeting,? he said.

?We?ve had a lot of luck with the wiping ads before with other advertisers, where you scratch out whatever is on the screen and reveal what is underneath it.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York