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Ben and Jerry?s relies on in-app mobile ads for new product push

Ben and Jerry?s is leveraging mobile applications such as Solitaire and Pandora to advertise its new Greek Yogurt flavors that drive consumers to ultimately find a store.

The in-app ad features three buttons: Find flavors, learn more and see flavors. If consumers click on the ad?s buttons, they will be directed to a mobile site that is chalk full of information about Ben and Jerry?s and its products.

?On digital we?re targeting ad networks that deliver on desktop and mobile,? said Mike Hayes, associate digital marketing manager at Ben and Jerry?s, Burlington, VT. ?These are used to generate awareness about our new flavors, but with a lot of the ads we can allow people to take next steps if they?re interested in finding out more about the flavors or where to find the flavors.

?For anything we do we try to provide value to our consumers and the people we?re talking to,? he said. ?If they want to take next steps give them the option, and try to provide useful next steps.

?The one in Solitaire has [an option] where you can find the flavor. If they want to go and find it, we provide an outlet. If they want to find out more, more than what we can say in a little mobile ad, they can find out about it.?

Interactive ad
Ben and Jerry?s runs a new ad campaign every summer. Last year the campaign promoted the new Greek frozen yogurt line, and this year it?s promoting the three new flavors: Vanilla Honey Caramel, Pineapple Passionfruit and Liz Lemon.

Within the Solitaire app, the Ben and Jerry?s ad comes up when a user finishes a game. If the user chooses to interact with the ad, he or she will be directed to the mobile landing page.

This page lets consumers learn more about Ben and Jerry?s flavors, locate the flavors in specific shops, watch videos, read the mission statement and more.

It also lets consumers connect with Ben and Jerry?s via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Ben and Jerry?s worked with Greystripe to roll out the in-app ad in Solitaire.

Mobile ice cream
The ice cream company has leveraged mobile quite a bit to promote the brand?s products.

Last year, Ben and Jerry?s leveraged Apple?s iAds to promote the Greek frozen yogurt flavors (see story).

Ben and Jerry?s also experimented with mobile and social to deliver targeted offers and behavior-based promotions to customers (see story).

?For us, we want to talk to our consumers where they are,? Mr. Hayes said. ?We go to Bonnaroo because our fans go to Bonnaroo. We?re on Facebook because our fans are on Facebook. We?re on Instagram because our fans are on Instagram.

?I think the really cool thing about mobile is that you can provide these next steps, it?s not just a billboard. If you do like a flavor, we give you the option to find the flavor in a store near you. We give them something beyond just seeing a beautiful ad.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York