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Chevrolet takes over Weather Channel app to promote Silverado

Chevrolet is betting big on cross-screen advertising as part of a partnership with The Weather Company to promote the 2014 Silverado 1500 across mobile platforms.

The partnership is centered around The Weather Company's new online series, called ?Hero Next Door,? which features weather heroes who help their neighbors after a severe weather event. As a part of the companies? cross-platform effort, the partnership will translate onto TV, desktop, smartphones and tablets.

?Mobile ads were leveraged in the larger ?Hero Next Door? campaign and strategy,? said Randi Stipes, vice president of client solutions at The Weather Company, Atlanta.

?With so many devastating stories that come out in the aftermath of severe weather, it's good to remember the often heart-warming highlights, the caring individuals who risk everything to help, or even save, their neighbors,? she said.

"?Hero Next Door? with Chevrolet recognizes amazing weather heroes who take action, exude character and put their communities first. It's a twist on the usual weather news story that highlights those local stories of amazing human kindness and generosity that emerge from unthinkable disasters.?

Hero Next Door
The new online series includes six two to three-minute episodes that tell the story of a new hero. The Weather Channel will launch a new one every two weeks through the end of the year.

Consumers can nominate a weather hero by submitting a name, description of the heroic act and photo or video to the Weather Channel?s Facebook page. Nominated heroes may be chosen to be featured on an episode of Hero Next Door.

The contest runs through Oct. 31.

According to Ms. Stipes, The Weather Company decided to use Facebook because it lets consumers interact with the brand and join the community. It is also integrated with mobile, so consumers can easily nominate a hero.

While the videos are not accessible via mobile, the Chevrolet spots will run on mobile apps and mobile Web sites.

On the first day of the sponsorship, Chevrolet took over The Weather Company?s iPhone and Android apps. When a user opened the mobile app, he or she saw an image of the Chevrolet Silverado in different backgrounds depending on the time of day.

According to Ms. Stipes, Chevrolet will continue to have a presence on the Weather Company?s mobile screens throughout the program with ADaptors, custom-targeted ads and run-of-mobile/tablet video.

Mobile weather
The Weather Channel has been active in the mobile space over the years.

Last month, the company launched an updated version of its mobile site to give users all the information they need to easily plan their day (see story).

In April, The Weather Channel revamped its iPhone and iPod touch app to make it more personalized and relevant, with display live tiles on the home screen providing users with immediate access to radar, forecasts and new video (see story).

The company has also rolled out other video series which were accessible on desktop and mobile. Earlier this summer, featured six videos of eco-heroes through their journeys and challenges (see story).

?The Weather Channel continues to deliver the best information, whether that's the best forecasts, weather details, or the most relevant advertising or content on all of our mobile products,? Ms. Stipes said.

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York