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Kernel Season?s sponsors movie trivia game in USA Today iPad app

Kernel Season?s is interacting with movie fans via a new native ad unit in the USA Today iPad application that gamifies movie trivia.

The native ad is found in Trailerpop?s Trailer Trivia section within the app that lets consumers take quizzes about movie trivia. The ad for the popcorn seasoning brand lets consumers take a quiz with the Kernel mascot performing trailer clips himself.

?Kernel Season?s was founded in the movies,? said Brian Taylor, the founder and president of Kernel Season's, Elk Grove Village, IL. ?The movie theaters was where people initially learned about the brand and continue to learn about the brand, so the opportunity to be juxtaposed with a movie theater experience is a great fit.

?We?re a fun brand,? he said. ?To be exposed in conjunction with a game in a really fun environment really fits the spirit of the brand as well.

?It?s a natural fit not only in the tone of the brand and the fit of the movies, but also because the way the Trailer Trivia game works fits with the existing media we have. Our commercials didn?t need to be adjusted because they were set up to be spoofs of movies and it worked perfectly with the way Trailer Trivia is set up.?

Kernel trivia
The native ad unit appears within the Trailer Trivia section in USA Today?s iPad app, which is available for free in Apple?s App Store. The Trailer Trivia section can be found in the ?Life? and ?Puzzles? section of the USA Today iPad app.

Trailer Trivia challenges consumers? movie knowledge by combining movie trailers with trivia, competition and rewards. After taking trivia quizzes, consumers can view a leaderboard with high scores and they can share their own score on Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

By playing these trivia games, consumers can also enter a sweepstakes to win prizes such as a Fandango gift card.

The native ad unit replicates these quizzes with a branded version.

When consumers open the Trailer Trivia section within the USA Today iPad app, one of the quiz options is Kernel Season?s ?Movie pop quiz." This quiz asks consumers three questions in the same format as Trailer Trivia?s other quizzes.

Kernel Season?s mascot acts out famous movie trailers, and consumers have to guess what movie the trailer is for before time runs out.

Native engagement
Trailerpop already has its own free trivia app in Apple?s App Store and Google Play. The company decided to integrate its trivia games into the USA Today app to gain more reach.

?A lot of their interest is around entertainment and sports, and a lot of women as well, so it was  good overlay for our demographic,? said Jon Vlassopulos, founder/CEO of Trailerpop, San Francisco. 

The iPad app and Kernel Season?s partnership is only the beginning of the Trailerpop?s plans with USA Today. The company plans to expand the trivia section to USA Today?s Android and iPhone apps as well.

Trailerpop also plans to roll out more native ads within the USA Today section.

?The expectation from a consumer is that every day you have so much time to kill in the evening on the couch or in the morning when you wake up for breakfast, you have these little pockets in your day. Movie trailers are a fantastic way to fill them,? Mr. Vlassopulos said. ?The hope is on mobile it?s a beautiful experience for snacking.

?What we were feeling, is that every brand is looking for better engagement and more native experience that provided value to their consumers,? he said. ?We feel that what we?re providing here is a brand can provide entertainment and value through the sweeps.

?It?s a fun engagement unit, and we?re getting a lot of brand interest. It doesn?t feel like a huge mobile banner popping up in your face. It just feels very fun, engaging and entertaining, which is the point of the experience.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York