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Dr. Brandt spices up print ads with QR code, mobile contest

Skin care brand dr. brandt is promoting its new anti-aging line with mobilized print ads that lead magazine readers to a contest via a QR code.

The ads are featured in Elle, Allure and InStyle magazines and showcase dr. brandt?s DNA line of anti-aging products. Once readers scan the QR code in the ad, they can enter a contest to win a $1000 gift card to Dr. Brandt.

?We are using mobile bar codes or QR codes in print ads to encourage engagement with the brand and essentially bring the brand to life,? said Stephane Colleu, president/CEO of dr. brandt Skincare, Miami, FL.

?The top brands in beauty, home and the fashion industries are using QR codes to further influence a potential consumer to learn more about a product, answer initial questions and thoughts they may have and ultimately make the purchase decision easier,? she said.  ?Including a QR code allows us to direct consumers to a video about a product or feature, you ultimately are piqued, educated and further engaged, all within a few moments.

?It was natural for us to take advantage of this new channel of communication, especially in this specific moment, we are revamping the brand, and we have a long-term strategy to take this incredible brand to the next level.?

Do not age
Dr. brandt?s new anti-aging product DNA, or Do Not Age, features a transforming pearl serum that is supposed to ?erase the marks of time you see in the mirror.? The product is available exclusively at Sephora.

The print ads read, ?Pearls are a girl?s best friend. Discover the ultimate anti-aging power of the pearl.? At the bottom of the ad is a small QR code with copy that reads, ?Scan and enter to win a $1000 gift card to

Readers can scan the QR code with any QR reader app, or alternatively they can simply type in the site address themselves:

Once consumers access the mobile-optimized microsite, they can fill out their personal information to enter the contest. They must enter their name, email, address, phone number and birthday.

Consumers can also opt in to receive special offers and discounts from dr. brandt.

Dr. brandt will announce the grand prize winner on March 7. The company will also select five winners every week to win the Do Not Age with dr. brandt collection.

The microsite also directs consumers to shop the brand?s products and learn more information.

Dr. brandt plans on renewing a second national ad campaign in March to focus on its ?Pore no more refiner? product. The company will leverage ads in the same magazines.

Mobile ads
QR codes are not necessarily a new technology, but they are fairly easy to add to an ad and have the ability to bring a consumer a bit closer to transacting. In theory, a reader who is flipping through Allure magazine could quickly scan dr. brandt?s QR code, enter the contest and then decide to make a purchase.

One of the issues with QR codes, however, is that they tend to take more time than expected. First of all, not all consumers already have a QR reader on their phone, so they would need to download one.

Even if readers already have a reader, they have to open it and scan the code, which often takes longer than simply typing in the Web site manually in a browser.

However, QR codes are becoming more expected in print ads, and they can still be effective at bridging the physical and digital worlds.

?Mobile devices have increasingly become a vital component to our lives, and certainly this research points to it having a deeper impact on those that frequent the skin care aisle and beauty specialty stores,? Ms. Colleu said.

?Frequent purchasers of skin care and sun care products are heavily immersed in digital media across devices indicating a crucial need for advertisers to make sure digital is a major part of their media mix,? she said. ?It was important for Dr. Brandt skincare line to be part of it, especially with the new launch of our new anti-aging line ?DNA (Do Not Age.)?

?Being part of the innovation is part of our DNA. Dr. Brandt does not accept status quo and after 30 years of practicing, he is on top of the innovation with his medical practice, his skincare line and his research institute.?

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York