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National Enquirer parent American Media ramps up mobile outreach

With nearly 50 percent of the publisher's traffic coming from mobile, the company recognizes it needs to monetize this traffic with mobile advertising. Under the agreement, Amobee, Redwood City, CA, will manage and serve AMI's entire mobile Web, tablet and in-app advertising inventory through its Amobee for Publishers technology platform.

?We have seen a significant trend in our consumers moving from purely desktop to mobile and desktop over the past year,? said Joe Bilman, AMI's chief digital officer and global head of business development.

?In some cases, nearly 50 percent of our audience is engaging with our brands on mobile devices. While we have been ahead of this curve with innovative products and content optimized for the mobile audience, the marketplace for advertising has lagged, until now.

?With Amobee, we are able to monetize our mobile audience in a way that completely justifies our investment in mobile products, content and audience growth.?

Aging readership
Besides the Enquirer, its flagship publication, New York-based American Media publishes a range of lifestyle, health and fitness and entertainment magazines, including Shape, Natural Health, Fit Pregnancy, Men?s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Star and OK.

Mobile apps are available for several of its publications, including the Enquirer, Shape and Fit Pregnancy and OK. Some publications also have a Facebook and Twitter presence.

American Media and other traditional print publishers have turned to mobile to increase customer engagement and connect with new readers as their core readership ages.

Women?s magazine Cosmopolitan, Hearst Corporation?s most influential publication, is leading the company?s move to all-around mobile-optimized Web sites, aiming for a ?post-banner world? and an overall seamless process. (See story.) Cosmo editors believe they will be able to produce 20 percent more daily content given the change. 

Daily newspaper the New York Times has released new features on its iPhone and iPad mobile applications, allowing users to customize their experience by choosing what types of news alerts they receive (see story). The development of these features was introduced to encourage more engagement with the apps, given users can filter different news genres, depending on their personal interests.

Bankruptcy filing
American Media ramped up its mobile strategy following the United States economic downturn and advertising sales plunge that led it to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2010. It exited bankruptcy protection by the end of that year.

Men's Fitness is among AMI publications with a mobile app.

?The Amobee platform is a great way for us to not only monetize our current mobile audience but expose that same audience to a variety of products AMI has to offer, be those commerce, apps or other services,? Mr. Billman said.

?We can also do the same for partners looking to reach that audience as well. We continually develop and execute mobile marketing programs for our large group of partners and advertisers. We are equally comfortable delivering results in print, on web and now on tablet and in mobile.? 

Final Take

Michael Barris is staff reporter with Mobile Marketer, New York.