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Febreze freshens up with Facebook's carousel ads for mobile

With early results for Facebook?s carousel ads showing 30 to 50 percent lower cost-per-conversion, Procter & Gamble is betting on the interactive ads to drive trial for its latest product innovation ? Febreze with Tide Original Scent ? by linking to on the last panel. 

Facebook first introduced carousel ads last summer, with brands such as Mini, Neiman Marcus and MVMT Watches already jumping on board, and they continue to gain steam, with the social network recently expanding availability to app downloads. P&G is using the carousel ad as part of a bigger social push that includes social media promotion across all channels. 

Multi-page mobile ads can afford brands an expanded, interactive digital canvas to tell their stories and detail offerings," said Ammiel Kamon, senior vice president of products at Amobee. "These additional consumer touch-points provide advertisers with greater breadth and depth of historical data. 

"The mobile data set can then fuel more opportunities to drive reach and engagement on other channels and devices that are relevant to the brand?s audience," he said. "One of the many benefits of extended mobile engagement is gaining a deeper understanding of their audience. 

"This data can be utilized for strategic media activation and optimization. Brands are competing to stay top-of-mind, so it is important to figure out how to make the most of this extra time with the consumer, or it?s all for nothing. Actionable data can help a brand foster a quality connection with the consumer, not just a longer connection."

Marketing merry-go-round
The Procter & Gamble advertising campaign requires users to continually swipe, in an effort to keep consumers tuned in for greater content retention. 

Facebook users are being encouraged to engage with Febreze through its carousel advertisements that consist of numerous coinciding images, featuring a clothing line with unusual objects hanging out to dry. The mobile ad entices users to continue swiping to view the comical images in their entirety, attempting to more substantially grab the attention of consumers to make a more lasting impression. 

Due to the success carousel ads have shown on Facebook and Instagran, marketers have seen the potential this format of advertising can project. The style of these ads allows brands to play with creativity and offer more unique and engaging material. 

The more a brand holds the attention of the consumer, the more likely the marketing will resonate with her. Brands want their marketing content to make a lasting impression on consumers, and carousel ads have the potential of doing so. 

Facebook announced the introduction of carousel ads for app downloads in May, which suggests consumers will be seeing a greater number of carousel ads, and could soon become a staple in marketing and social media platforms. 

The final image within the carousel post is an image encouraging users to click on to receive at discount coupon at This is offering a reward to consumers for engaging with the brand, which can also greater resonation and positive brand sentiment. 

For instance a child?s car seat is seen drying on the line, as well as couch cushions and a rug. The content entices users to continue swiping to see more of the humorous items hanging out to dry. 

The advertisement is meant to promote its new product in partnership with Tide. The brands are encouraging consumers to buy the product and wash things that normally cannot be washed such as the car seat, cushions and rug. 

Febreze teased the product launch on social media platforms with a post that read ?Sneak Peak: Soon you can eliminate loads of odors with Febreze + Tide Original Scent,? along with an image of the products. The brand changed many of its images on its social media pages to feature the new product line. 

Mobile attention
Popular photography application Instagram forayed into the world of performance advertising by introducing clickable links and carousel ads that offer deeper content and a story feel (see more). 

In a similar effort that increased consumer engagement, Home furnishings retailer West Elm was one of the first brands to tap visual marketing platform Olapic?s new consumer-generated Facebook advertisements, which enables marketers to grab user photos from Instagram and other social networks in retargeting and display ads to bolster performance (see more). 

"People spend the most time on mobile, yet ad spending is still playing catch up," Mr. Kamon said. "The ability to identify historical and real time trending consumer passion points, unique behavior patterns and user sentiment, contribute to brands being able to achieve positive results and longer term engagements with customers on mobile, video, social and display. 

"All marketers are striving to be as intuitive and relevant to consumers as we can," he said. "Relevancy drives a positive experience, longer engagements and a better value exchange between brands and consumers."

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer