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OPI's timely, contextual Instagram ads see results by targeting beauty fans

Nail polish brand OPI took to Instagram to showcase its products and achieved an 11-point increase in ad recall, exposing the power social media platforms can exert for beauty brands. 

Beauty fans are increasingly taking to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to look for insight on purchases and trends, with 55 percent of these consumers using mobile as their go-to source for related content, according to Facebook IQ. OPI was able to reach 5.4 million users by working with Instagram to develop a campaign that shared content related to popular topics in the nail community. 

?Beauty brands are running effective campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to reach beauty buyers where they are spending their time ? on mobile, and on Facebook and Instagram,? said Karin Tracy, beauty and luxury U.S. industry lead at Facebook. ?Fifty-five percent of beauty buyers say they reach for their mobile device first when they want to see beauty content, including tutorials, information about products and beauty-related blogs, tips and recommendations. 

?And 67 percent say they take further action when they see interesting beauty content on Instagram,? she said. ?OPI tapped into these insights to build excitement for its 2015 fall/winter nail lacquer collections among women interested in makeup, beauty products, and nail care. 

?Working 1x1 with Instagram's creative team, their campaign creative approach was to showcase four nail art trends a season, like venetian lace and ombre, working to drive ad recall, top of mind awareness, and purchase intent. The campaign overall had strong success, reaching 5.4M people and saw an 11-point increase in ad recall and a 3-point increase in top-of-mind awareness?not only generating awareness of their new line, but of OPI overall.?

Beauty inspiration 

The ad campaign shared visual images on Instagram that focused on nail art trends of the time such as Venetian lace and ombre. Through results of the campaign, the marketer realized that beauty fans on Instagram were extremely interested in seasonal colors. 

The popularity of seasonal colors outweighed interest in nail art related to key events, such as holidays like New Year?s Eve, which prompted OPI to adjust the strategy for upcoming quarters. The nail polish brand also saw a 25-point lift in ad recall on Facebook and a 15-point lift in top-of-mind awareness. 

Targeting tools

?Facebook and Instagram play a powerful role in the holistic experience of today?s beauty buyer,? Ms. Tracy said. ?From inspiration, to action, these platforms are shaping this passionate community and shifting the industry. 

?Beauty buyers can leverage Facebook and Instagram to drive meaningful business objectives ? whether that is driving awareness for a brand or product, or moving further down the funnel to conversion,? she said. ?Doing so requires the right mix of art and science ? applying the platforms? unparalleled targeting capabilities with thumb stopping creative that is built for the mobile feed. 

?Beauty marketers are seeing success with this combination, reaching consumers with the right message, at the right time to inspire and drive action.?