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Star Trek brings mobile advertising to the future with real-time video

Paramount Pictures generated a wide range of excitement for the premiere of its latest Star Trek installment with a new format of advertising, by producing on-site videos in little time for real-time ads on Google?s new platform.

The film distributor leveraged Google?s new platform to update mobile ad-speed to be congruent with its Accelerated Mobile Pages. The video ads were taken on-site at the premiere, edited in real time and aired on Google as mobile advertisements during the event to excited viewers for the film?s release. 

"The uniqueness of these ads offer 'real time' video event content feeds vs. pre-programmed video ads, which can take months to produce," said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis.  

Transporting mobile viewers
Cast and crew attending the IMAX world premiere of Star Trek Beyond at Comic-Con participated in a unique advertising campaign that saw higher viewing completion than Paramount Picture?s traditional pre-produced ads. The mobile video ads showcased fans and attendees at the premiere and their excitement for the latest film release. 

For instance, one video showed a family dressed in Star Trek attire, explaining their costumes and their lifetime love of the franchise. The videos were taken on Nexus 6P smartphones and immediately edited for a quick turnaround that provided real-time mobile ads. 

Paramount shared the videos on its YouTube page to continue engagement and benefits from the campaign, hoping to reach the significant potential of its premiere that the film has the ability to produce. 

Google AMP
With Google bringing Accelerated Mobile Pages to ads and landing pages for the first time, launching programmatic buying for native ads and signing a new global programmatic partnership with Time Warner, the company is carrying the torch for better mobile ad experiences (see more). 

While early adopters of Google?s Accelerated Mobile Pages project originally expected a strong presence in mobile search results ? driving reach, consumption and ad opportunities ? initial challenges included page code restrictions and ad tech redundancies (see more). 

"The Google DoubleClick team worked with Paramount digital marketing to test this, quickly creating experimental tech which allowed a DoubleClick team to take real time social video feeds from people at the Star Trek world premiere (normally sent through Facebook or Snapchat) and edit these feeds on the fly to create unique 'in the moment' event ads delivered on the powerful YouTube platform," Ms. Troutman said.