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Michelin cuts through marketing fog with contextual advertising

Tire manufacturer Michelin is tapping AccuWeather for a highly targeted mobile campaign on the weather brand?s suite of products to promote its wiper blades during rainy forecasts. 

AccuWeather has just launched a mobile advertising package that leverages a context-based strategy of which Michelin is the first to use. To promote Michelin Wiper Blades, the auto parts brand has started a campaign that targets consumers in locations that are currently experiencing snow and rain, with imagery that matches the forecast. 

?Many advertisers have focused on app as the platform for creative executions," said Melissa Kuper, vice president of ad product at AccuWeather. "This integration suite shows Mobile web can be a viable and engaging platform for advertising experiences.  

"This new product removes the clutter of multiple ads on a page to display a single, contextually-relevant experience while ensuring our most important content, AccuWeather?s Forecast with Superior Accuracy?, is delivered clearly," she said. 

Contextual advertising
Michelin?s iconic Michelin Man mascot is showing his face across AccuWeather?s mobile platforms in the brand?s new campaign. The campaign is ushering in the AccuWeather Mobile Integration Suite. 

The mobile ad package is meant to target consumers through contextual information, of which AccuWeather has a great deal. Michelin?s campaign will effectively appeal to on-the-go consumers through their location data. 

AccuWeather?s new suite streamlines campaign viewability, engagement, and contextual relevancy for advertisers. While the suite of ad products largely leverages information to drive these factors, another important aspect is that the imagery of the campaigns will integrate seamlessly in AccuWeather platforms. 

The ads will appear within AccuWeather?s current conditions mobile page. Each ad campaign under the new suite of products will feature weather-triggered criteria, a new integrated ad display and location-based content, specific to each user. 

Michelin and AccuWeather teamed up with Harmelin Media to create the new campaign. 

AccuWeather mobile prowess
With this campaign, AccuWeather is lending its own mobile prowess to advertisers. The weather platform has a long history of innovation with mobile. 

For instance, AccuWeather worked closely with Android team members to create an application that is effectively optimized for the multitude of devices built on the mobile operating system.  

Following the launch of a series of apps for AccuWeather, the Android app was the latest reveal from the weather service to coincide with its goal to create engaging and helpful experiences for users. The native experience provides consumers with tools to help plan their days around the weather such as location management, updated dynamic radar and satellite animation, optimized video viewing for up-to-date weather and viral content and a new design for a widget to provide instant information while on the go (see more). 

The weather service tapped into the captivating effect that video footage of amazing events in nature can have on consumers. AccuWeather saw potential to further immerse viewers with 360-degree videos and reaped the benefits with extra engagement (see more).

?This execution allows Michelin wiper blades to be present in a time of need in front of an engaged audience," said Dan DiZio, vice president of Harmelin Media. "The integration also keeps the importance of safety and the need to have working wiper blades during inclement weather top of mind. 

"Finally, after engaging with the ad, consumers have the ability to learn which Michelin wiper blades will work for their vehicle and for signs that it may be time to change your blades," he said.