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Facebook makes it easier for publishers to seek revenue through video

Facebook is beefing up its capabilities for advertisers on publishers? videos, hoping to combat some of the difficulty that media brands have come across with monetizing their videos on the social media platform. 

The social media giant will now allow all eligible publishers to monetize in-stream video ads on their own platforms with Audience Network, according to a press release from Facebook. Ad breaks within Facebook Live and on-demand video have also begun beta testing. 

"We want to help our partners monetize their premium video content, both on Facebook and on their own websites and apps," said Brian Boland, vice president of Publisher Solutions and Maria Angelidou-Smith, product manager at Facebook in a blog post. 

Video monetization 
Univision is seeing positive results from Facebook?s Audience Network testing. The Spanish-speaking network has seen a 52 percent lift in eCPMs

Audience Network allows Facebook advertisers to appear within content on third-party applications and Web sites. After testing started in May, Facebook will now allow all publishers that are eligible to start using the in-stream ads from Audience Network. 
The idea is to pair together relevant ads with relevant content to cater to a targeted audience but with performance optimization. For instance, a home improvement retailer ad can appear within a DIY tutorial. 

In the past, many ad networks similar to Audience Network have a user experience that is not ideal. Many times the in-stream ads become slowed down and buffer, making the publisher look bad in the eyes of consumer. 

While ad interruption can be frustrating as it is for consumers, a bad performance can make the experience extremely negative. 

Facebook will also be testing ways for its live streaming feature to include ad breaks. Major influencers on the social network will be able to monetize their Facebook Live streams. 

Influencers can now opt in for ad breaks if they have more than 2,000 followers or 300 or more concurrent viewers in a recent live video. They will be able to do so by tapping the $ symbol whenever they would like to go to an ad break within their stream. 
The first ad break must be after the first four minutes of the stream, and must wait five minutes in between breaks. The breaks last for 20 seconds. 

Publishers and influencers will be able to include a similar ad experience for recorded video. 

Facebook evolution 
The new ad format follows Facebook?s latest job seeking capability. The success of Facebook?s Jobs feature, which allows the social platform to cut out hiring platforms playing middleman such as LinkedIn, will be dependent on a number of important circumstances, not least of which is the latter?s failure to retain millennial consumers.

And, if the findings from Fluent?s Marketing to Millennials report are to be heeded, Facebook will comparatively have much more leeway in implementing the feature, as 43 percent of millennials identified Facebook as their primary social media platform, compared to only 9 percent for Microsoft?s LinkedIn. While many Facebook users may take time to warm to the idea of potential employers operating in such close proximity to their personal profiles, the platform?s flexibility has surprised analysts before (see more).