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M&?s wields mobile tech to show off fans' musical talent

The mobile campaign follows the premiere of a commercial featuring the Incredibox technology that users will leverage to create their own content, the initial iteration created by a fan from Cumberland, Maine. Fans will also be encouraged to share their creations on their social channels, amplifying the Mars property?s faith in branded user-generated content circulating on social media.

?This is a cute campaign that should generate some active engagement,? said Michael Becker, managing partner at The Connected Marketer Institute. ?It is easy to engage with and does not take much time. 

?While the individual participating in the campaign is certainly ?mixing? content, I would not call this ?user-generated? content in the strictest sense. The mixing options are confined to a predetermined sent of options and participants cannot actually create anything unique outside of the provided parameters.?

Bite Size Beats
Fans are encouraged to visit the campaign?s mobile-optimized Web site,, to record their own beats by conducting the band of M&M's characters-turned-beatboxers. Interested users can create beats by mixing and matching different accessories to M&M?s characters, which then beatbox in accordance. 

Fans can then share their new creations on their social channels and check out beats created by other users. The site even has charts for most popular beats each day, week and month. 

Bite Size Beats on mobile

Top consumer beats will be featured in upcoming M&M'S commercials or on M&M'S social media channels. To enter, users should save their beats to the site, and they are encouraged to use the hashtag #bitesizebeat to share with friends on Facebook and/or Twitter.

?I think pretty much any digitally-minded consumer interested in the M&M brand may try the program out once or twice, and it may grab those passing by the opportunity to play around with it,? Mr. Becker said.

Mars Inc.
The campaign is an example of the kind of mobile-minded approach that has marked Mars Incorporated?s marketing approach in the past few years, an approach that anchored a banner 2016 and culminated in this publication awarding the company its Mobile Marketer of the Year award. M&M?s was also The brand celebrated its 75th anniversary in a big way with a new interpretation of the classic song ?Candy Man,? a live debut on Periscope and Tweet written by its iconic Red and Yellow characters. 

Fans were encouraged engage with interactive content in the form of downloading the new song, voting for the newest product and submitting questions for musicians Zedd and Aloe Blacc on Twitter (see story). 

Bite Size Beats on mobile

?The overall experience of the M&M Bite-Size Beats campaign does appear to be on brand, however, to me it comes across as confined,? Mr. Becker said. ?Again, I think people may play around with it a couple of times, but then they?ll move on, which may be the brand's objective as this campaign seems to be just part of their larger over arching marketing plan.?