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Adcentricity, Impact Mobile partner on digital out-of-home media

Adcentricity, the leading aggregator of digital out-of-home media, has partnered with mobile marketing firm Impact Mobile Inc. to target mobile consumers.

The deal will add a mobile component to campaign buys made across 85 Adcentricity media partners and 150,000 digital screens.

"Mobile advertising, as much as digital out-of-home is a fantastic hyper-targeting opportunity for brand campaigns," said Rob Gorrie, CEO of Adcentricity, New York. "There is always an opportunity to further engage consumers in each of these environments.

"So we're trying to make sure that we're not doing mobile for mobile's sake," he said. "So the partnership with Impact Mobile is designed to provide specific services or initiatives that are turnkey and specific to retailers and brand needs in further connecting with consumers."

Adcentricity is an out-of-home media strategist that offers strategy, planning, buying, creative and tracking services for ad campaigns across its partners' screens.

The company claims to deliver 200 million monthly impressions across digital screens in sports arenas, convenience stores, restaurants and bars, gas stations, office buildings, ATMs, grocery stores, universities and transit locations.

Working with Impact Mobile will enable Adcentricity to offer mobile capabilities in four areas.

The first offering is based on calls to action including SMS, votes, sweepstakes, contests, coupons, promotions, text for information, surveys and call-back request.

The next is retail and redemption offers comprising bar-coded mobile coupons, unique PIN numbers that drive to Web and ticketing.

Content delivery including ringtone, wallpapers, videos and games is the third service.

Finally there are mobile applications comprising mobile Web sites and smartphone applications.

"Increasingly, push media channels are using mobile as a valuable direct response media," said Gary Schwartz, president/CEO of Impact Mobile, New York and Toronto. "Mobile allows brands to bridge the consumer beyond the ad impression to click-throughs and obtained conversions to Web, store and other destinations.

"The consumer's phone is essentially a personal digital display," he said. "Impact Mobile is a fervent believer that mobile is not a standalone media and works best to add value to traditional push media. Mobile helps connect the media dots and move the consumer effectively."

Impact Mobile has several retail clients who use the firm's JumpTXT platform for SMS, MMS and WAP messaging, and the delivery of mobile content and applications.

Also, Impact Mobile has worked with music and sports venues over the years to create direct response offerings for digital signage.

"We are very excited to now power the largest digital display network in market," Mr. Schwartz said.

Adcentricity launched its AdVenue platform last year, helping then presidential candidate Barack Obama's campaign in the battleground state of Ohio. The platform helps advertisers target by region and venue type, as well as demographic data.

Per Adcentricity, AdVenue helped identify the targeted demographic and psychographic audiences within key geographic areas to develop and execute Mr. Obama's campaign.

That campaign is said to have produced a monthly audience of 866,189 serving 2,173,457 Obama ad spots with an SMS call-to-action including specific keywords in each DMA.

"The digital out-of-home industry actually has in place the same benefits that mobile has -- media while on the go," Mr. Gorrie said. "So the value of couch-based advertising for television just isn't as strong as it used to be.

"So these days the fact is, people are looking to drive sales and activity and you need to first find and then motivate people when they are active and not passive when they're on the couch," he said. "Offerings like mobile couponing or store-based locators provide an inherent value in assisting the consumers through their purchasing cycles.

"The fact is, mobile helps transform the digital out-of-home industry into a marketing solution and mature it beyond a media transaction."