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Should brands use mobile ads to promote their Twitter feeds?

4Info has developed a test program for seven of its brand partners to illustrate the power of its ad network in helping drive consumers to each brand's Twitter feeds.

The company is giving the brands a month of free 4Info ad inventory. While there's no question brands are on board with Twitter, many still don't know how to drive consumers to their feeds and what to do with them once they're there.

"There is a lot of Twitter news lately, whether it's Twittering an event or news.," said Zaw Thet, CEO of 4Info, Seattle. "We are trying to see if this works well and if it does maybe Twitter may consider working with 4Info to monetize its own traffic."

During the trial, brands, like the NBA, Microsoft Exec Tweets, HFM's Road and Track Magazine, Turtle Wax, Eggland and UFC will run mobile advertisements, promoting their Twitter feed.

4Info will use the brand's content of its Twitter updates in the advertising. Basically the calls to action will encourage the consumer to follow the brand on Twitter.

The goal is to see if this type of advertising is more engaging and will lead to higher conversion rates," Mr. Thet said.

Once the trial is completed, 4Info will work to determine the value of a Twitter follower.

As the largest SMS content provider in North America, 4Info believes it can help brands get users and keep them engaged with relevant content when they're on the go.

The brands have all agreed to talk to media and share their metrics and the impact of the program on audiences.

"For Twitter this illustrates the power of our ad network and the viability of a monetization," Mr. Thet said.

The program is running for the month of May.

"The strategy here is to engage consumers with fresh creative," Mr. Thet said. "Getting users to click is the easy part for advertisers.

"The hard part is ensuring that clickers are engaged," he said. "We have never seen anything in mobile, where a brand is driving people to Twitter."

Mr. Thet said that this is 4Info's experiment, testing whether mobile advertising can go beyond just the static banner ad.

"When the month is over we plan to compare response rates," Mr. Thet said. "Our hypothesis is that users are going to be interested in this."