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Retailer Claire's mobilizes print ads in tween magazine

Accessories retailer Claire's Stores Inc. is encouraging tweens to interact with the brand through mobilized print ads.

Claire's tapped Query Interactive's Page-Link, or QUIPL, mobile platform, to mobilize its print ads and maximize the ROI from its offline campaigns. Now, readers of Six7*8th magazine can get targeted product information, answer a questionnaire or make a purchase by taking a picture of a product with their camera phone.

"QUIPL is for publishers to better engage readers and brands to get consumers to use their camera phone to take a picture of print collateral to receive back a targeted call to action for marketing campaigns," said Jack Pien, CEO of Query Interactive, Belmont, CA. "The value proposition includes intrinsic insights into reader demographics and inherently converting print ads into a call-to-action channel."

The QUIPL technology is based on image recognition, and it works with any standard phone over MMS.

Query is off-deck and carrier-agnostic. It also has smartphone applications in development.

When readers query a product item by taking a picture with their camera phone, marketers can deliver back targeted call-to-actions.

Claire's, a retailer of accessories such as bracelets, earrings and pendants, did a sweepstakes campaigns in a past issue of Six7*8.

"The result was insight into what readers are really interested in, better understanding of styles readers like and insights into ways marketers can figure out industry trends when they're creating designs," Mr. Pien said. "Usage of QUIPL has been great."

Besides traditional ad space, QUIPL is a channel for the marketers to interactively communicate brand and product awareness to the readers.

Query Interactive wanted to show strong reader interest in using the QUIPL platform to query products showcased in Six7*8th's editorial sections by powering questionnaires and sweepstakes campaigns.

Six7*8th, which targets tweens ages 10-15, used QUIPL to deploy an interactive sweepstakes.

Readers could enter to win select products showcased throughout the magazine by taking a picture of the product with their camera phones.

Upon sending the picture, Query responds back with targeted information about the product and its eligibility for the sweepstakes offer.

Readers were invited to enter as many products as they liked.

Another goal was to capture the geographic distribution of Six7*8th Magazine's readers who use QUIPL.

When a Six7*8th reader uses QUIPL to take a picture of the magazine page with their camera phone, the area code of the camera phone is logged.

This lets Query map a state to county-level view of the region where the reader resides.

Six7*8th Magazine has a number of projects to enhance the reader experience, and one of them involves using Facebook.

To better prioritize the projects, Query wanted to understand how the young readers use Facebook.

Six7*8th Magazine used QUIPL to deploy a profile questionnaire.

When a Six7*8th reader used QUIPL during a recent "Oh Snap" print campaign, they were presented a mission along with a questionnaire asking them about their Facebook usage habits.

With QUIPL, Six7*8th readers can take a picture of any page in the magazine to engage in various treasure hunt campaigns, questionnaire campaigns, educational campaigns and sweepstakes campaigns, turning the once-static print magazine into an interactive platform.

Hidden City Games is using Query Interactive for a questionnaire campaign to activate their current Six7*8th print ad promoting the online game Bella Sara.

The questionnaire asks readers if they play the game, and if they do, what their favorite character is, to better understand their interests.

As a reward for answering, readers are able to redeem codes that can be used within the game to upgrade character and enable better game play.

"The action is measurable, the results are measurable and it bridges print's power of reach with a targeted call-to-action," Mr. Pien said. "QUIPL provides dynamic interaction as well as measurable analytics."