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Chase picks CBS Outdoor for SMS campaigns

CBS Outdoor has launched text messaging capability for its advertisers' media campaigns, and brands such Chase and Stratton Mountain in Vermont have already taken advantage.

The program, called txt2go, includes an SMS keyword on advertiser signage that the public can text to a short code to access marketing messages from the brand, including special offers and promotions. The interactive feature is designed to build a long-term database of consumers interested in future marketing.

"As part of our new digital media strategy, we have launched txt2go to respond to the increasing demand from our clients that want to incorporate SMS into their marketing strategies across all media forms, not just CBS Outdoor's media," said David Lane, vice president of displays for CBS Outdoor, New York.

"Our clients were using several different SMS providers with inconsistent quality of service and those clients that were hesitant to use SMS was due to the lack of understanding of how to successfully incorporate SMS into their marketing strategy," he said.

"Txt2go simplifies SMS for our clients by providing a complete turnkey solution that uses best practices which enable our national, regional and local clients to easily incorporate SMS into their marketing campaigns."

Stratton Mountain Resort's interactive out-of-home text message campaign was designed to drive skiers and snowboarders directly to their resort.

Stratton's two-sheet posters featured a call-to-action with a keyword and short code with the lure of free lift tickets. They were placed throughout selected subway stations in upscale Manhattan neighborhoods.

At first, Stratton was skeptical about moving its message from the commuter rail to the subway, but the resort was pleased with the results.

Using unique codes for each advertising medium let Stratton track the results of each campaign.
More than 38 percent of responses came directly from Stratton's two-sheet posters in Manhattan, which featured the mobile call-to-action.

Stratton said that it will use CBS Outdoor again to promote the upcoming ski/snowboard season.

Similarly, Chase placed posters in New York subway cars and stations with the call-to-action "txt now 4 tix. You could win U.S. Open tickets. Text ?WIN' to Chase (24273) now!"

Other brands using the CBS Outdoor SMS platform include the U.S. Army and Target.

The great CBS Outdoor
A subsidiary of CBS Corp., CBS Outdoor is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in North America, with a major presence in Britain. It also holds properties in China and South America.

With both traditional outdoor and transit properties, the division gives advertisers both breadth of coverage across vast geographies and depth of coverage, providing multiple media opportunities in key markets, according to CBS.

In launching txt2go, CBS Outdoor claims that it is the nation's first out-of-home media company to provide a complete text messaging platform for its clients.

The add-on feature creates a new avenue for advertisers looking to package into their media features such as digital/mobile couponing, sweepstakes, direct response and point of purchase.

If consumers interested in a product or service advertised, they can receive a coupon, free merchandise or another offer by texting a keyword in to a short code, giving the company the opportunity for ongoing communication with interested consumers.

The technology will allow advertisers to track responses to their marketing in real time.

Txt2go is a process whereby an advertiser of virtually any size can add a text messaging code to his ad campaign.

Designed to enhance not only the outdoor component, the text capability can exist across all of the advertisers' media outlets, overlaying a measurable direct response element to the campaign.

CBS Outdoor's txt2go costs as little as $225 for up to 500 responses.

Clients are able to see the real-time performance of their campaign on the CBS Outdoor mobile Web site. CBS claims that it takes only a few days to have the client's campaign up and running.

CBS Outdoor chose Rip Road to power its mobile platform. Rip Road provides mobile technology to media companies and brands nationwide.

CBS Outdoor has its own short code and works with its clients to effectively choose keywords that will benefit their marketing campaigns.

The SMS call-to-action will be incorporated into clients' creative across all media types, not just CBS Outdoor's, to enable multi-channel campaigns.

"CBS Outdoor's Digital Media group will guide our clients on the effective use of SMS across their entire marketing strategy and working with our partner, RipRoad, we can provide a complete customized solution," Mr. Lane said.