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Medialets mobile ad SDK for Android creates network-independent rich-media platform

Medialets has launched its Rich Media Ad SDK for Android, which it claims is the first and only cross-platform, network-independent, fully native rich-media mobile offering.

Medialets, a rich-media advertising and analytics platform, partners with publishers, agencies, brand advertisers and developers. The introduction of its Rich Media Ad SDK for Android means that it is now possible to create and deliver mobile-specific rich-media ads across both Google?s Android and Apple?s iPhone devices.

?We launched rich-media ad support for Android due to demand from publishers and advertisers, as well as the exponential growth of Android apps and devices,? said Eric Litman, chairman/CEO of Medialets, New York.

?As more people use Android devices, more Android apps are being created and used by consumers,? he said. 

Android on the up and up
As recent studies from companies such as Nielsen show, use of Android devices and applications by consumers is growing rapidly.

?We expect this growth to continue on its current pace, which is why it is critical that advertisers and publishers have a cross-platform solution,? Mr. Litman said.

Medialets? dashboard enables advertisers to view and compare a common set of metrics for both iPhone and Android campaigns, which is intended to streamline the buying process for brands in mobile.

Android rich-media support is also critical for scale, according to Medialets.

The demand for mobile rich media is only accelerating as more advertisers seek out campaigns that deliver engagement rates beyond that of online advertising to reach the exponentially growing audience of smartphone and application users.

Having a single platform for rich media across the mobile ecosystem drives down the cost to create mobile ads and takes the guesswork out of how to comparatively measure performance, according to Medialets.

Publishers, agencies and advertisers are already tapping into Medialets? rich-media advertising and analytics platform for iPhone and iPad, although no Android campaigns have been announced yet.

The Android Ad SDK is currently in the initial public beta launch.

Medialets? goal is to make it easier for our current and future customers to effectively address the full scope of the growing in-application advertising market.

?Publishers and advertisers can take their iPhone and iPad campaigns to Android by simply integrating this new Android SDK,? Mr. Litman said.