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Sprint CEO stars in spot for new flat-rate plan

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse goes on the television stump with a new commercial that launched yesterday only two weeks after the wireless carrier introduced its $99.99 flat-rate voice and data plan.

The 30-second spot, from San Francisco-based advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, is the first in many ads airing primetime nationwide across networks. Targeting current customers and prospects, it emphasizes Sprint's approach to customer service and how it starts right from the top.

"We want to ensure that our current customers are incredibly important to us and we want to alert potential customers to the advantages of being with Sprint," said Aaron Radelet, spokesman for Sprint, Overland Park, KS.

"So, essentially, we want to tell our current and potential customers that we're focused on delivering the product and customer care with the immediacy they need," he said.

The commercial for the Simply Everything plan shows Mr. Hesse saying, "Here's our idea: You get to use your phone for all the great things it can do without worrying about the meter running. How's that for a revolution in wireless?"

"It ties in very well with our Sprint Speed campaign," Mr. Radelet said, "because while this ad has a little more emphasis on serving our customers, it's still about speed and making sure it's about our customers."

Sprint's Simply Everything Plan is the only plan from a major U.S. carrier to currently offer unlimited use of voice, messaging and data services for a flat rate.

Other plans from rivals Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Alltel offer flat-rate pricing for voice services.

Sprint's latest spot is the first to use Sprint's new "Now Network" positioning. Ads on radio, billboards and on the Internet will soon follow.

In an example of that new stance, Sprint chief marketing officer John Garcia will participate in an online chat on "Buzz about Wireless," the carrier's online community site.

Mr. Garcia will take questions on the on the Simply Everything plan at, the Now Network messaging and other efforts.

Using the top executives in a conscious strategy for Sprint as it dukes it out with other carriers in a highly competitive market.

"Sprint's highest priority is the satisfaction of our customers and every Sprint employee is focused on that priority and that begins at the top with the CEO," Mr. Radelet said.

"That commercial is an example of our philosophy," he said. "It's meant to provide an additional outlet for our customers to share feedback and questions."

The spot is available for viewing at