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Bango releases cross-platform app analytics for developers

Bango Inc. has released a new version of Bango Application Analytics that lets developers get a standardized view of their application activity across all mobile platforms and channels.

The plug-and-play service provides companies with a complete view of their mobile business ? across Web site navigation, application use and advertising campaigns. The new version also fully integrates with Bango Payment and the new BlackBerry App World carrier billing, allowing developers to relate application usage to revenues generated from end-user payments and ads.

?Bango has combined 11 years of mobile experience with award-winning technology and global partnerships in order to take app analytics to a completely new level,? said Vanessa Daly, Cambridge, England-based marketing communications manager at Bango.

?With developers pursuing a multichannel distribution strategy across many application stores, Bango Analytics standardizes the tracking and reporting for all channels through the addition of one simple library,? she said.

Real-time data
Bango?s online console gives developers a comprehensive set of real-time application information. Bango Application Analytics supports Research In Motion's BlackBerry, Google's Android and Apple's iOS, with support for other platforms such as Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 coming soon.

It delivers powerful reports, which can be filtered by device type, manufacturer/model, platform OS, application name or version, event name, wireless carrier, country and connection type.

WeComm is one of the companies that has adopted the new analytics platform. The company specializes in mobile application development.

The Bango Application Analytics SDK is quick to implement and works with both connected and offline applications. 

Capturing large amounts of events data does not affect the performance of the application. It also leverages Bango?s device detection technology for information about application use across a number of mobile devices, including tablets and phones.

Data recorded is owned by the developer, providing a fully-secure service.

?Implementing advertising campaigns across multiple platforms and being able to get an accurate and unified view of all app activities has been a challenge for developers ? developers are still faced with app stores restrictions on the use of third party analytics,? Ms. Daly said.

?By offering an open-source SDK in the updated version of Bango Application Analytics, Bango's aim is to make life easier for developers and give them an independent and single view across all their apps,? she said.

?In addition, unlike other analytics solutions, the data recorded by Bango is owned by the developer, giving them full control over their apps and ad campaigns.?

Final take
Giselle Tsirulnik is senior editor of Mobile Marketer