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Campbell Soup Co. iAd generates 530,000 minute-long interactions

The results are in. The Campbell Soup Co.?s iAd campaign received about 53 million impressions, with approximately 530,000 of the users that saw the ad clicking through and engaging with it for nearly one minute.

Apple commissioned the help of The Nielsen Co. to conduct a study on the effectiveness of the Campbell?s campaign. The findings validate the iAd platform and its effectiveness at engaging a significant number of consumers.

?While we know that the vast majority of consumers are certainly familiar with our brand, this research suggests that when consumers are exposed to Campbell's messaging on iAd, they begin to think differently ? and even more positively ? about Campbell's soups and recipe ideas," said John Faulkner, director of brand communications at Campbell?s, Camden, NJ.

Nielsen found that the banner iAds on average achieved more than twice (35 percent) the brand recall of the average food & beverage Internet display ad (17 percent).

Favorability (53 percent) and purchase intent (61 percent) increased significantly among consumers who were exposed to the Campbell?s iAd banners.

Compared to what Campbell?s is achieving with its television and online campaigns, the expanded iAd has generated significantly stronger impact.

In terms of general recall, the iAd achieved 84 percent compared to an average 39 percent for the Campbell's TV ad norm and a 32 percent online ad norm.

Brand recall for the iAd was 79 percent compared to an average 20 percent for TV and 17 percent online.

Message recall for the iAd was 38 percent compared to an average 14 percent for TV and 11 percent online.

Ad favorability for iAd was 54 percent versus an average 12 percent for TV and 9 percent online.

The campaign
The Campbell?s iAd campaign ran within applications such as The New York Times? iPhone app. It aimed to celebrate all the new products that the brand offers through an interactive experience.

The ad focuses on Campbell?s new contemporary label design, 21 additional soup varieties with reduced sodium levels and new recipes made easily with the brand?s soups.

/>The first display banner ad appeared at the bottom of the New York Times application. It told viewers, ?You?re getting warmer.?

When the banner was clicked on, consumers were routed to a full-page ad with a mouth-watering bowl of soup.

The ad then said, ?It is amazing what soup can do.?

The next screen loaded and asked consumers to download the Campbell?s Kitchen cooking application.

The iAd aimed to increase awareness of what is new and relevant with Campbell's condensed soups and drive trial with a downloadable coupon and recipes, also available through the iAd.

Apple?s iAd network is a game-changer due to its rich-media content, but its $1 million minimum spend is steep for a lot of advertisers. Obviously this is not the case with Campbell's Soup.

?It's important to note, our take away from this study is not that iAd replaces our traditional media mix ? TV, print, radio ? but it does appear to complement these in a meaningful way,? Mr. Faulkner said.

?In recent years we have greatly expanded our digital advertising and online/social media presence,? he said. ?The iAd platform provides another important option in this space.?