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Starbucks breaks interactive rich-media ad campaign targeting iPad users

As the exclusive launch sponsor of the iPad-optimized Web sites from MTV and VH1, Starbucks Coffee Co. is running a rich-media ad campaign driving interaction with high-value Apple users.

The coffee giant is running banners on the two new sites that encourage users to tap to expand the ad unit into a full-screen, interactive rich-media experience. MTV Networks is looking to provide its consumers with multiple options for reaching its content.

"Our strategy was to pioneer and curate an experience with the touch screen specifically in mind. To my knowledge, MTV and VH1 are the first media brands to launch a touch-optimized browser experience," said Kristin Frank, senior vice president and general manager of MTV and VH1 Digital at MTV Networks, New York. "Most media company sites have either created an app for their video experience, or have simply swapped out their player, but left their video page and site the same, which is not optimized for the tablet or finger friendly.

"We?re very active in the app space and will continue to launch innovative products that are app and browser inclusive," she said. "MTV and VH1 have an audience who are early-adopters of technology.

"Our audience is consuming content across multiple platforms, and it?s crucial that we?re right there with them. With this launch, we?re looking to service the fans who are interesting in what?s happening now- the latest video, Unplugged performance or series aftershow."

Starbucks did not respond to an inquiry by press time.

Expandable rich media
Starbucks is targeting the intersection of the affluent, early-adopter iPad demographics and MTV?s youth segments, as well as VH1?s slightly older audience.

The objectives of the campaign were to keep the brand top of mind among these influential consumers and influence purchase intent.

The Starbucks banner within the MTV and VH1 iPad-optimized sites asks consumers ?What?s your Starbucks Signature?? and tells them to ?Tap to find out.?

The Starbucks banner above a video featuring The National

Once users tap on the banner, it expands into a full-screen ad experience featuring images of various Starbucks beverages.

Consumers are asked to ?Select a Starbucks drink below? and informed that they can ?Learn more at

Eight ways to caffeinate

Once users tap on their drink of choice, the next screen asks them to ?Create your Starbucks Signature! With over 87,000 combinations of Espresso Beverages at Starbucks, you?re sure to find your signature.?

The call-to-action is simply a button that reads ?Create Yours.? Once tapped upon, users are able to sign or draw on a blank coffee cup by dragging their finger across the iPad screen.

So many espresso beverages, so little time

After consumers complete their virtual signature, they are presented with the finished product, a coffee cup inscribed with their message or drawing.

Users are given the option to create another one, browse the Signature Gallery to see what others have created or watch a video.

Interactive rich media and video can be a powerful combination

Since its launch, the iPad has proved to be an attractive canvas for advertisers due to its intuitive touchscreen interface and relatively large-screen format.

Celtra Inc. helped to power the campaign.

"We are experiencing an increased demand for our rich-media mobile advertising platform across all industry verticals due to a number of successfully executed cross-platform in-app and mobile Web campaigns,? said Mihael Mikek, founder/CEO of Celtra, New York.

?Improved campaign performance through engaging ad formats, enhanced campaign tracking options, ease of campaign deployment and ad trafficking makes us one of the leaders in the industry,? Mr. Mikek said.

Final Take