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Lexus sponsors new Sports Illustrated mobile properties during March Madness

Toyota Motor Corp.?s Lexus is the exclusive sponsor of Time Inc.?s Sports Illustrated NCAA Tournament Front Row applications for Google?s Android, Apple?s iPhone and iPod touch, as well as Flipboard for the iPad.

Continuing on its path of application development for multiple mobile platforms, Sports Illustrated has launched Front Row, a new series of free apps that deliver up-to-the minute scores and photography from the world?s biggest sporting events directly to the iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, and a special Front Row section available on Flipboard for the iPad.

?We know that our target stays on top of what's happening in sports,? said Nancy Hubbell, prestige communications manager at Lexus, Torrance, CA. ?We are reaching a younger, affluent sports enthusiast as a part of the Lexus CT Hybrid launch, which will be the featured throughout the sponsorship.?

Sports Illustrated includes the flagship magazine,, Golf Magazine,, SI Golf Plus, SI Presents, SI Kids, SI International, SI Books, SI Mobile, SI Swimsuit, SI Social, consumer products and Live Media.

Lexus partners with SI Mobile
The NCAA Tournament Front Row applications are powered by Lexus for the launch of the all-new Lexus CT Hybrid.

On Flipboard for iPad, there is a Lexus full-screen ad featured every few screens. 

For Android tablets and applications, Lexus ad units click through to the touch-enabled mobile site.

The banner ads feature an image of the Lexus CT Hybrid, the brand's logo and the tagline "The All-New CT Hybrid: Escape Convention."

The Lexus banner

The Front Row application launched in time for the NCAA basketball tournament, providing a bracket-style look into March Madness.

Embrace the madness on mobile

Fans can stay on top of all the action using the app by having access to all 67 games of the NCAA men's basketball tournament, giving fans an exclusive Front Row view into the Tournament, directly from the lenses of Sports Illustrated photographers.  

On Flipboard, Front Row also integrates expert insight and opinions from Sports Illustrated writers on-site via their Twitter feeds.

The new application is available in the iTunes App Store and the Android Market, and it is available as a featured section on Flipboard for the iPad. 

All eyes on the iPad

In addition to March Madness, the Front Row application provides access to Sports Illustrated?s upcoming coverage of the Stanley Cup playoffs, The Masters, the NBA playoffs, the MLB playoffs, the NCAA football BCS championship game, the NFL playoffs and the 2012 Olympics.

Sports Illustrated is running an ad in its print edition promoting the application. It features Lexus branding.

The Sports Illustrated print ad features a Microsoft Tag

Smartphones and tablets play key roles in Lexus' overall marketing strategy.

?We use these mobile platforms to find new and interesting ways to engage with tech-savvy consumers within our target audience, wherever they will be the most receptive,? Ms. Hubbell said. ?We strive to provide utility and create engagement with this ever-growing landscape.?

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