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CTIA partners with Harris Interactive on teenage mobile user study

The CTIA -- The Wireless Association and market researcher Harris Interactive are collaborating on a detailed study of how teenagers will reshape the wireless market nationwide.

Harris has interviewed more than 2,000 teens to gauge their attitude toward wireless products and services, how they currently use them and how they will likely use them in the future.

"We think that the teenage market represents quite vividly the future of the industry in terms of the habits and behaviors that are being formed and shaped today and how they'll be exhibited in 15 years," said John Walls, vice president of public affairs at the CTIA, Washington.

The research report, titled "Teenagers: A Generation Unplugged," will cover topics including the hottest wireless applications and features and the reasons why; the direction of mobile gaming; and the drivers of current and future social media trends.

The report will also feature a teen view of convergence and how the pieces are playing together; the effect of security and privacy concerns on location-based services, mobile advertising and profile-based mobile services; and the user interface after teenage reengineering.

Finally, the report will shed light on wireless devices and services in 2020, or the teenage roadmap.

The results will be presented in a keynote session Friday, Sept. 12 at the CTIA Wireless I.T.& Entertainment 2008 conference in San Francisco's Moscone West convention center.

A panel of teenagers will join moderator Trip Hawkins, founder of Digital Chocolate and Electronic Arts, to add a live element to the research's presentation.

"The need for this is, 'Let's get ahead of ourselves -- where's this industry going and where's it going to take us?'" said Joseph Porus, Oakland, NJ-based vice president of technology research at Harris.

"Let's talk about where teenagers are taking us," he said. "The [CTIA] show is all about convergence. In keeping with that, we want to know how they are going to use [mobile] in the future. Is it going to become their remote control in life? We think it is and it'll be."

The CTIA's Mr. Walls agreed.

"We think that it's quite appropriate to look at this section of the consumer population who obviously enjoy the devices for a number of data-related functions," Mr. Walls said.

"It makes sense to examine each of their habits and behaviors," he said.

Harris will also host a breakout session and panel discussion immediately after the panel discussion for an extended view of the study. Harris industry and research analysts will explain the data to delegates.

"This is the first time the CTIA has partnered with a vendor like us to do a live presentation," Mr. Porus said. "I've been going to CTIA for 20 years and I don't remember the CTIA partnering with a vendor to present live data like this."