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BabyCenter drives app downloads with support for charitable campaign

Pregnancy and parenting digital resource BabyCenter is aiming to simultaneously garner support for its Mission Motherhood campaign for mothers in need and drive downloads of its My Pregnancy Today mobile application.

BabyCenter?s Mission Motherhood campaign aims to increase awareness of maternal health issues and will divide its donation of up to $100,000 evenly between three of its health partners: Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action, the Preeclampsia Foundation and Every Mother Counts. The brand will donate $1 to moms in need each time a user downloads the My Pregnancy Today mobile app.

?At BabyCenter, our mission is moms, and we are passionate about improving maternal health on a global scale,? said Colleen Hancock, chief operating officer of BabyCenter, San Francisco. ?By matching downloads with dollars, expecting parents can truly make a difference in the lives of less fortunate families around the world.

?We know our moms want to give back, and Mission Motherhood empowers them to do so.?

Global giving
BabyCenter has long been an advocate for Global Giving campaigns, and has a site dedicated specifically to its affiliated charitable organizations. Visitors can read about each foundation and learn more facts about maternal health matters.

BabyCenter believes that by matching downloads of its app with dollars, it can help future parents make a difference for less fortunate parents around the world.  Consumers interested in participating in the Mission Motherhood campaign?s launch can download the free My Pregnancy Today app by Dec. 2 to be eligible for the donation.

BabyCenter also focuses on offering mobile-optimized content to help educate underserved populations with important parenting and pregnancy information that may not be affordable for them. The brand frequently teams up with the MAMA to honor this commitment, and has information available via Facebook?s app.

For consumers looking to participate in other causes personal to them, BabyCenter?s site displays a link to Johnson and Johnson?s Donate a Photo app, which lets users donate one photo a day and subsequently earn $1 toward a charitable cause on the company?s trusted list.

?Today?s moms are always on the move, which means that smartphones are the single most important tool for communicating with them,? Ms. Hancock said. ?It?s extremely important that we understand their needs, give them the mobile tools they need to make their lives easier, and figure out the best ways to reach them wherever they are during their busy days and nights.

?Accordingly, the BabyCenter experience has evolved to become mobile-first, with moms consistently accessing our content on smaller screens, while on-the-go.?

Mobile strategy
Two of BabyCenter?s popular mobile apps, My Pregnancy Today and My Baby Today, are available for download on iOS and Android platforms. Expectant parents seeking tips on giving birth can download the brand?s free BabyCenter Birth Class app for iPad, which offers a three-hour course led by a trusted instructor.

Soon-to-be parents will learn labor?s signs and stages, receive tips from doctors and nurses, discover pain-management options, work on creating a birth plan and hear birth stories from other parents, among other features.

The My Pregnancy Today app has seen over 12 million downloads already, and also includes a photo-journaling feature, a Kick Tracker tool for logging the baby?s movements, a registry checklist and a search option for baby products.

?According to the results of our new mobile survey, ?The BabyCenter U.S. Mobile Mom 2014 Survey: Mobile Powers Mom?s Life,? there is a sharp rise in moms? reliance upon mobile devices to help them through the day,? Ms. Hancock said.

?Moms are always on their mobile devices, which is why we chose app downloads as a means of raising funds for the Mission Motherhood campaign ? it makes it easier for expecting moms to give back, while getting the tools that help them through their pregnancy.?

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York