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Apple and (RED) team up to drive app downloads to fight AIDS

Apple and (RED), a humanitarian brand dedicated to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS, are teaming up to entice consumers to download mobile applications from the Apple App Store to support the Global Fund for AIDS.

In preparation for World AIDS Day 2014 on Dec. 1, Apple and app developers are aiming to convince consumers to help (RED) reach its goal of a generation free of AIDS. From Nov. 24 to Dec. 7, the app store will have a designated section titled Apps for (RED) which will offer 25 apps with exclusive content, with all proceeds heading to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.

?I do expect to see a spike in app downloads along with purchases in the Apple apps,? said Shawn Aguilar, digital marketing manager at TapSense, San Francisco. ?Apple is very good at getting their new customers on their apps and getting them integrated.

?This will naturally increase app sales. When you pair it with an amazing cause, it gives the users more motivation to use their Apple apps for their purchases.?

Generating donations
Apple is hoping to generate widespread donations as well as donate to the cause directly. The technology brand will be donating a percentage of sales from online and retail stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the heaviest shopping days of the year.

Additionally, the Apps for (RED) section of the App Store will feature 25 popular mobile apps with new content. Each time a user purchases a participating In-App Purchase or PRODUCT(RED) app, all of the proceeds will be donated directly to the Global Fund for AIDS.

On Black Friday, Nov. 28, Apple consumers in the United States will be gifted with a special edition (RED) iTunes gift card each time they purchase designated Apple products. Apple will be donating to the Global Fund each time a gift card is distributed.

Apple will also donate a percentage of each sale made at all online and retail stores to the Global Fund on World AIDS Day 2014, Dec. 1.

A slew of popular apps have incorporated (RED)-inspired content for their fans to experience. Angry Birds enthusiasts can now enhance their bird-flinging skills with (RED)?s Mighty Feathers, Clash of Clans fans will be able to battle it out for special edition PROJECT(RED) gems and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood users can aspire to receive PRODUCT(RED) items such as BEATS(RED) Solo2 headphones.

(RED) partnerships
(RED), which was co-founded by U2?s lead singer Bono, is known for its long-term partnerships with major brands seeking to help raise awareness for the fight against HIV and AIDS. 

While this campaign marks the first time that the Apple App Store is teaming up with (RED), both brands hope that it will contribute to a lasting relationship.

(RED) recently partnered with Bank of America and Nike for the Turn Your Miles (RED) mobile-optimized fitness campaign to combat HIV submission from mothers to children (see story). Bank of America pledged 40 cents to (RED) for each mile pledged during the Chicago Marathon via the Nike+ Running mobile app.

?I believe pairing up the Apple user experience with a great cause will be a home run for them,? Mr. Aguilar said.

?I think the awareness will bring in more donations to the cause. It is a great cause and brands are always looking to partner with them in campaigns.?

Final Take
Alex Samuely is an editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York