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MMA pulls from Nestle, Chase and Chobani for newest board directors

The Mobile Marketing Association is inducting mobile innovators from big brands for its 2015 Global Board of Directors, with a noticeable increase in the representation of mobile advertising specialists.

The new Board of Directors is a reflection of the transformation happening in marketing with major brands developing unique pushes on mobile. Executives from the biggest brands on mobile such as those from Nestle, JP Morgan Chase, Allstate, Chobani and T-Mobile are joining the group to continue innovating in the industry. 

"Mobile is inarguably the biggest transformation of our time and marketers are recognizing the opportunity for real competitive advantage," said Sheryl Daija chief strategy officer at Mobile Marketing Association. "The addition of the new board members to the already strong roster of brands on the board reflects the ever growing importance of mobile as core to achieving their business and marketing goals."

Big mobile names
Those new to the Board this year are Pete Blackshaw, Susan Canavari, Sanjay Gupta, Peter McGuinness and Andrew Sherrard. The new individuals were picked by members of the Mobile Marketing Association and will serve two years on the board, immediately effective. 

Mr. Blackshaw serves as the global head of digital marketing and social media at Nestle. He has overseen innovations such as an internal company social network and developing more than 1,500 creative pieces across its various Facebook pages. 

Mr. McGuinness holds the position of chief marketing and brand officer at Chobani. Mr. Sherrard is the chief marketing officer at T-Mobile. 

Mobile modifications
The organization is focusing on bringing continual innovations to the mobile space as well as inspiring and serving members tools to build their own innovations. As mobile has clearly shown its secured place in marketing and in behavior, big brands are making strides in the territory to better connect with consumers. 

The MMA has chosen these names in marketing, as these big brands have shown significant strides in the mobile area. The collaboration of these mobile-first innovators is sure to spark greater pushes in technology and marketing. 

Mr. Sherrard of T-Mobile

"The MMA will continue to aggressively lead against our mission of helping marketers get great at mobile and building the best communications platform for brands to engage and get closer to their consumers," Ms. Daija said. "The latest SMoX research gives guidance to marketers to allocate 15 to 20 percent of their overall media spend to mobile, the MMA will work side-by-side with marketers as they move to these allocations and provide them with best practices, faster and more informed decision making and ways to make mobile work even harder for them. 

"I would say the future looks very bright for the MMA, our members and the mobile industry at large," she said.  

Final take
Brielle Jaekel is editorial assistant at Mobile Marketer