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Billing Revolution makes mobile dating on Skout easier

Mobile users need not put down their phone to find a date or pay their dating Web site bill.

Skout, a location-based dating company has partnered with Billing Revolution to enable single-click payments for mobile and Web-based transactions. It just got easier for lovelorn users to date on-the-go.

"Skout's overall strategy is to easily connect single people to each other regardless of handset," said Redg Snodgrass, vice president of business development at Skout, San Francisco. "No matter where you are as long as you can connect to the Web you can find someone for you on Skout."

Founded in 2007, Skout, the location-based dating company is a social real-time mobile social network with a focus on connecting singles.

Users can share pictures and comments and chat with other singles. Users can be on the same block or on the same side of the country.

"Users are able to purchase access to Skout offerings via mobile with a credit card," said Michael Dulong, cofounder and senior vice president of business development of Billing Revolution, Seattle.

Billing Revolution provides secure technology for credit card purchases from a mobile phone. Merchants, like Skout, Mojiva and MySpace, use the technology to provide a mobile purchase experience.

Billing Revolution previously partnered with Dada Entertainment to provide single-click credit card payment capabilities for its music service.

The partnership brings mobile billing services and payment options for consumers looking to sign up for MP3 subscription services (see story).

Recently, Billing Revolution partnered with nonprofit organization Call2Give Network Inc. to drive the public to donate and volunteer.

Per the agreement, Billing Revolution is providing a mobile payments platform for Call2Give where donors can give and volunteer via their mobile phones at (see story).

Ad network MoVoxx is also using Billing Revolution's mobile payments technology platform to commerce-enable ad placements on mobile phones.

The partnership lets MoVoxx advertisers use the Billing Revolution service to add payment functionality to SMS advertisements, generating more frequent transactions from mobile users who see the ad, click on it, enter their credit card information, then buy the good or service (see story).

Skout users should not be concerned with security.

"Billing Revolution's turnkey solution is PCI Level 2/SAS 70 Level 2 compliant," Mr. Dulong said. "PCI is the gold standard in the credit card industry."

Billing Revolution's technology works across all web-enabled handsets, carriers, and PCs. The company accepts payments in more than 150 currencies worldwide.

"The partnership provides Skout with a turnkey billing solution allowing Skout to sell directly to consumers with credit card based billing," Mr. Dulong said. "Credit card based billing delivers exceptional value in that it delivers an 80 percent increase in net margin when compared to operator based billing."