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EShave taps QR codes to make static ad campaign interactive

Men?s shaving products company eShave is using QR codes in a new advertising campaign to make it easy for shoppers to create their own customized shaving set.

The ?All A Man Needs? ad campaign consists of eight posters displayed in phone kiosks in New York and showcases the brand?s shaving sets, which lets users pick from a variety of well-designed shaving brushes, stands and razors to create their own shaving set. Each poster features a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device.

?Our goal, from a mobile perspective, is to make shopping for our products convenient, easy and instantaneous,? said Danielle Malka, president and founder of eShave, New York.

?We wanted to employ this campaign using QR codes during the holiday season because customers are bombarded with advertisements directing them to a Web site or retail location, which leaves it up to them to remember the store or Web site address,? she said.

?By giving people the option to just scan the code as they walk past the kiosk, it makes it super convenient and it?s much faster than typing a Web site on a mobile phone.?

Razor?s edge
This is eShave?s first foray into mobile marketing.

EShave?s upscale shaving products and accessories are available online at the brand?s Web site, in two eShave stores in Manhattan and at several retailers. Customers can mix and match colors, styles and designs to create a unique shaving set.

The ads appear on phone kiosks near the brand?s retail store in Rockefeller Center. The ads will appear from Nov. 28 through Dec. 26.

One of the goal?s of the campaign is to drive shoppers into the eShave store during the busy holiday shopping season.

?We?ve employed this campaign in phone kiosks around our eShave New York retail location in Rockefeller Center because this is the busiest time of year with the highest density of foot traffic for this location,? Ms. Malka said.

?Phone kiosks put our message in front of millions of tourists, commuters, shoppers, local residents ? targeting both pedestrians and motorists ? as they go about their day,? she said.

?We?ve strategically placed our ads in kiosks located around our Rockefeller Center location, in hopes that it will entice customers into the store to get a real feel for the overall eShave experience.?

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York