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Is enthusiasm for mcommerce waning? - Mobile Commerce Daily

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Is enthusiasm for mcommerce waning?
The level of enthusiasm for mobile commerce ? online sales made from a smartphone or tablet ? appears to be leveling off, not from any inherent issues but because early hype is giving way to a more realistic understanding of the challenges and potential that lie ahead.  

Gannett marries up shopping app and beacons for in-store engagement
Gannett-owned Key Ring is loading Bluetooth Low Energy into its application to better connect with smartphone-wielding grocery shoppers through hyper-targeted content and deals.

Ace Hardware increases mobile engagement 289pc via opt-in interactive game
A group of Ace Hardware stores reported an overall increase in post-promotion engagement of 289 percent from an interactive mini-game developed for this year?s Saint Patrick?s Day weekend.

Selfridges bets on Google+ to spur in-store engagement
Mobile plays a key role in British retailer Selfridges? biggest beauty event and issue-raising initiative ever with in-store digital signage and installations.