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Sephora shapes mobile personalization with tailored, step-by-step experience - Mobile Commerce Daily

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Addressing millennial shoppers? desire for fast, personalized mobile experiences, Sephora today launches a new service on its mobile site and application, Pocket Contour Class, to provide tailored, step-by-step instructions for makeup application.

MasterCard is partnering with mobile advertising network Kiip to delight consumers with more of the credit card company?s Priceless Surprises via a standalone mobile application, affirming that marketers are leveraging mobile as the go-to channel for surprise moments and personalized experiences.

Wagamama, a British pan-Asian casual restaurant chain, is teaming up with MasterCard to let customers use a mobile application to pay for meals, adding speed and convenience to the dining experience.
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Online jewelry and gems provider World Jewels is aiming to dazzle consumers and drive sales via a new mobile commerce site featuring customization capabilities and jewelry-building options, proving that accessories marketers must offer personalized pieces across all digital channels.