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Online discount retailer is extending its brand to mobile by providing customers targeted promotions and discounts to their handsets.

Overstock has chosen mobileStorm's digital marketing platform for the mobile promotions beta test. Overstock will use the platform for targeting, delivery and tracking of mobile marketing messages, including mobile coupons.

"I think Overstock's strategy is to increase branding and sales, and flexibility for customers to make transactions whichever way is most comfortable for them -- whether it is online or using their cell phones," said Elyse Rossler, sales director at mobileStorm, Los Angeles.

A whopping 98 percent of consumers have mobile phones that are capable of sending and receiving text messages. Also, 90 percent of all text messages sent are responded to within 15 minutes, making SMS a good way to reach consumers.

Consumers opt-in for Overstock alerts by registering their number at

Customers who have set up their preferences within their Overstock online account are sent messages according to their stated messages. This makes the communication more targeted and relevant for each individual.

"No one is walking around with a laptop strapped to their hip," Ms. Rossler said. "But everyone has a mobile phone these days."

Overstock has also launched a mobile site to bring consumers more of the brand's products right to the palm of their hands.

The site can be accessed by typing into a mobile phone's browser.

Site visitors can search the mobile site for Overstock products the love. They can also buy the items through the site using the existing accounts.

In addition to providing the digital marketing platform via software as a service, mobileStorm will provide professional services to augment staff and will provide consulting on technical and marketing best practices.

MobileStorm first added coupons to its platform in July.

The ad serving platform, MobileStorm 4.0 offers users a marketing tool where they can send messaging via six different channels.

By automating couponing across channels such as email and SMS are able to make this process more efficient. The tracking capabilities of this system allow clients lsuch as to see the results of their campaign with very little effort.

"Overstock will now be sending their customers specials and discounts via SMS," Ms. Rossler said. "Their customers are highly transactional and very reachable on mobile.

"MobileStorm has been in the mobile space for about 10 years now," she said. "We are one of the older companies in this space."