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Bloomberg Sports enhances mobile apps to further engage sports fans

Bloomberg Sports is ramping up its mobile applications with deep analytic features in time for football season.

The new updates to the Decision Line applications advise sports fans on matches each week during the season using Bloomberg?s analytical tools. The improvements will also affect the desktop fantasy football experience.

?We attacked the most critical question for every fantasy player - who should I start, who should I sit and why?? said Bo Moon, head of business development and product/cofounder at Bloomberg Sports, New York. "Additionally, this year we offered season-long rankings so that [users] could take Decision Maker into their drafts to compare players they were deciding between,? he said.

Picked players
Bloomberg Sports? Decision Maker fantasy football tools leverage the analytics and data that Bloomberg is known for to help sports fans pick the best players for their teams.

Each week, NFL players are ranked by Bloomberg Sports on a variety of statistics.

Bloomberg Sports breaks down three years? worth of information that analyzes players? performances.

Decision Maker is also able to predict the weather for games and looks at how teams playing each other compare statistically.

?We've created algorithms for all the things people think about but can't always translate into meaningful fantasy decisions,? Mr. Moon said.

?We also developed a volatility measurement so that we can give you both a best bet and a longshot play,? he said. ?On the iPad exclusively, you can see the volatility charted over time.?

In addition to mobile, Bloomberg Sports is working with to roll out user-generated, aggregated polls on its Web site to let users vote on particular games in addition to Bloomberg?s analytical functions.

?Although we will always endorse Decision Maker recommendations, we think there is value in seeing where the crowd is leaning, and want to make that data available exclusively to our users,? Mr. Moon said. ?Additional updates based on this data will be available after the start of the season.?

Analyze this
Bloomberg Sports is not the only company using mobile to help propel sports fans even further into their fantasy football leagues.

However, what is unique about the company is that they are leveraging unique features that are a key component to the Bloomberg brand.

Decision Maker differentiates itself by using its algorithms and data to give sports fans a deeper perspective on their teams.

In this way, a mobile component serves as a true additional screen for sports fans to keep in the know because it is information that they cannot get elsewhere.

?We believe that mobile will be one of the most important factors for growth in digital products for sports, and as such, our plans for the mobile space will only grow,? Mr. Moon said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York