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Twentieth Century Fox increases user engagement via Shazam partnership

Twentieth Century Fox is using Shazam to connect Glee fans with extra content for watching their favorite movie.

Fox has enabled the new release of Glee: The Concert Movie with Shazam tags. Using the technology, users can pause and rewind the movie to unlock extra content.

?Incorporating Shazam for TV into a DVD or Blu-Ray release is a perfect fit for what Shazam is known for ? discovering more about entertainment,? said David Jones, executive vice president of marketing at Shazam, London.

Mobile rewind
The Fox partnership marks the first use of Shazam?s technology for entertainment that is not in real time.

Consumers who watch Glee: The Concert Movie will see calls-to-action on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen throughout the film with the Shazam logo.

Users can then use the Shazam app to snap the logo and are taken to a mobile-optimized page where they can view lyrics to match the song that is currently playing in the movie.

Consumers can also access behind-the-scenes videos, photos and trivia questions from the Glee cast.

Shazam users can also use the app to find exclusive offers on Glee merchandise.

After Glee fans are finished engaging with the content, the tag stays in the app so users can access it later.

Shazam and Fox are promoting the Glee calls to action via media outreach, direct outreach to Shazam users and with social media.

New direction
Shazam has been partnering with a lot of brands to help leverage new campaigns.

For example, General Mills recently used Shazam in its broadcast commercials to promote the company?s line of Pillsbury crescent rolls (see story).

Shazam is known as a mobile service that lets users interact with live entertainment in real time, whether it is through music or television.

However, one of the challenges the company has also faced is making sure that consumers can access their mobile device in time for the call-to-action.

The Fox partnership still uses real-time technology that connects users to content that ties in with what they are doing, but with a DVD the live element is not relevant.

The DVD increases the chances of consumers interacting with Shazam by letting them pause and rewind to find the Shazam logo.

Additionally, consumers are less crunched for time while watching a movie, which lets them stay more connected with the additional content from Shazam.

?For many years, people have been using Shazam to unlock information about the songs they love, so working with Fox Home Entertainment to give people a truly interactive experience with the Glee: The Concert Movie is a natural next step in the expansion of what people can do with the Shazam App on their mobile device,? Mr. Jones said.

?It represents another way that fans can interact with their favorite TV shows and movies,? he said. 

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York