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Coors Light hones in on mobile to drive summer music promotion

MillerCoors' Coors Light is using mobile Web and advertising to engage consumers in this summer?s ?Search for the Coldest? campaign that is scouting out the best MC in the country.

From June 11 to July 11, users can vote for their favorite MC on the campaign?s microsite, which is accessible via Web and mobile. Coors Light is also running mobile ads inside the CBS mobile site to spread the word about the campaign.

?We know that African Americans are big users of mobile communications,? said Mwanza Lumumba, brand manager for African American marketing at Coors Light, Chicago.

?Mobile communications is an important component to the Coors Light Search for the Coldest campaign because it is a top way in which our consumers prefer to be engaged,? he said.

?Our consumers stay connected with friends, family, current events and the brands they love by using their mobile devices, making it critical for Coors Light to have a strong presence in that space.?

Mobile beat
Coors Light is banking on consumers using their mobile devices to not only access quick information but also participate in promotions by entering their information online.

The campaign?s microsite is and is accessible both on desktops and mobile devices.

The goal behind the campaign is to discover the country?s next big MC by letting fans vote for their favorite talent. One grand prize winner will receive a deal to record a track, time inside a studio and a chance to be featured on a Coors Light mix tape.

Additionally, fans can win daily prizes for voting for their favorite MC online. Giving users new incentives every day for coming back multiple times is a great way for the company to keep engagement during a campaign.

The mobile site lets consumers watch short webisodes that give a sneak peak into the MCs as well as tips for other up-and-coming MCs.

To spread the word about the campaign, Coors Light is running mobile ads that encourage users to get involved in the campaign by registering to vote prior to the June 11 kick-off date.

The mobile ads for the Coors Light promotion

Web reach
Coors Light has crafted its mobile strategy around similar campaigns that are targeted towards specific demographics.

In particular, Coors Light tends to use the mobile Web as its go-to channel to reach both smartphone and feature phone users.

For example, the company also recently rolled out a large-scale campaign aimed at Hispanic sports fans that involved a big mobile Web component in addition to an SMS effort and an Android application (see story).

By segmenting its campaigns by demographic, Coors Light is able to tailor its initiatives on trends that are specific to different groups of consumers, which helps the brand make more personalized campaigns.

?More and more, the Web is accessed using mobile devices, so we wanted to provide a campaign that consumers could connect with anywhere,? Mr. Lumumba said.

?Coors Light is a fresh and innovative brand, and mobile is a critical space for our consumers. As mobile capabilities continue to develop and access and demand continues to grow, we see ourselves aligned with that growth and development,? he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York