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Brand Watch: Target?s multichannel mobile approach

Not many marketers have a solid mobile strategy and retail giant Target is among the select few that truly understands that taking a multichannel approach is critical in driving engagement and sales.

Over the past few years, Target has been ramping up its mobile efforts. The retailer has incorporated SMS, mobile advertising, mobile applications, a mobile site and QR codes into its efforts.

Leading the way
Target is a great example of a company that just gets mobile.

Simply using one medium to drive user engagement is no longer enough.

Marketers need to take a multichannel approach to not only reach as many consumers as possible, but to stay ahead of the game.

Last year, Target delved into mobile advertising to promote its fresh food offerings.

Since then, the company has continually turned to mobile advertising to promote new products, as well as its weekly ads and mobile applications.

Mobile advertising is an effective channel as it helps marketers reach consumers.

Additionally, the company has used QR codes in its campaigns to provide customers with a more interactive experience.

Target has embedded the mobile bar codes in advertisements within national publications.

QR codes are a great way to add a interactive touch to a static campaign.

By incorporating mobile bar codes within its advertisements, Target is bringing its rather simply initiative to life.

Continued success
In addition to QR codes and mobile advertising, Target has also made a big impact in the mobile applications space.

Earlier this year, the retailer teamed up with shopkick to bring its location-based rewards application to stores nationwide and let consumers earn points for shopping.

The initiative is a great way to drive consumers to the retailer?s in-store locations.

Target has also made its app a core focus of its back-to-school campaign.

The company is encouraging consumers to use its mobile app to find helpful resources, promotions and design inspirations.

By doing so, Target is educating consumers to shop for products via their mobile device.

Gone are the days where consumers do a majority of their shopping on desktops.

Nowadays, it is all about mobile.

Multichannel approach
Target is also a big believer in SMS.

The company has used the medium and continues to use it for ongoing promotions.

SMS is arguably the best channel that marketers can use to reach a wide array of consumers.

By sending out timely SMS messages to its opted in consumers, Target is able to continue its dialogue with customers on a deeper level.

Final Take