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Zipcar to let non-members join, get vehicle quickly via future mobile efforts

SAN DIEGO ? A Zipcar executive at the MobileCon conference announced that the company will continue to use mobile as an integral piece of its overall strategy and is continually looking at new ways for the company to reach as many consumers as possible.

During the ?Meet the Power Players? keynote session, the executive discussed how smartphones are the new benchmark for Zipcar and how it is no longer the browser. Mobile has changed the way the company is doing its business.

?Mobile is a huge part of what we do,? said Scott Griffith, chairman/CEO of Zipcar. ?Consumers want mobile applications, they want social media as part of their experience and these are the channels we were just tapping into years ago.

?Before, we thought mobile was the lowest denominator that we could use to engage with consumers, but that has all changed and we have embraced technology ? we?ve evolved the reservation experience to be more intelligent.?

Making progress
According to Mr. Griffith, it is all about mobility.

Zipcar?s mission is to reach consumers wherever and whenever they need to go. Mobile provides them with such an opportunity.

The company has seen an increase in the number of users accessing its services through their mobile devices.

Since then, Zipcar has vowed to make mobile an essential part of its overall strategy and allow new and existing customers to connect with the company in the easiest and quickest way.

Furthermore, the company has announced that its future plans include the ability to let non-members join its service and get a car immediately simply by using their smartphone.

This new initiative will allow users to snap a picture of their driver?s license, as well a credit card to complete the process.

?Mobile is changing the world we live in and accelerating adoption," Mr. Griffith said. ?You can open the app to check the car?s fuel level or see if the vehicle is ready.

?We?re even working on ways to send a text message so that we you get to the garage, the valet will know you?re coming and the car will be ready for you,? he said.

That?s how fast our business is changing."

Future is mobile
According to Mr. Griffith, it is all about creating a unique and seamless user experience ? and mobile helps make that a possibility.

The executive also believes that the medium is a great way to help the company reach its core demographic ? Millennials.

There are 79 million Millennials and they are strongly influenced by referrals and social media.

Additionally, Millennials tend to align with brands that have a purpose.

Millennials respond well to technology, therefore that is an ideal way for Zipcar to reach them, per Mr. Griffith.

?The pace of change in our business is growing and it?s only going to grow faster,? Mr. Griffith said.

?And it?s all happening because of wireless and mobile technology,? he said.

Final Take